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WorldClock Lite

WorldClock Lite

Developer’s Description

By Spax System
WorldClock Lite is a handy utility designed to display the time in multiple locations on the globe.There will be an hourly notification on those remote time zones which was selected by the user. Time value will be automatically adjusted based on the times rules applies to that zone for example daylight saving time.Clock can be moved across the desktop and notification can be controlled using settings dialog.


[p]WorldClock is an amazing desktop time tool with a lot of characteristics like calendar, alarm, wallpaper, weather features, etc. WorldClock is one of these utilities that will enable you to improve your timezone-related skills. First of all, you will see the function of timezone calculator that will display the corresponding time in several parts of the world and you won’t even need to make any calculation. If this doesn’t seem much, maybe you will be pleased to know that you can see the day/night distribution over the globe with just one mouse click that will launch a window. And if this still doesn’t impress you, then I’ll tell you that WorldClock also enables you to enter a specific hour and date (even if it isn’t the current one) and see its equivalent on the other side of the planet.[/p] [p]Another great feature of WorldClock is to add a desktop calendar that will also display the default holidays, so you won’t be taken by surprise by some unannounced celebration. You can choose to see the current month, as well as the previous and the following one, and you can even specify the first day of the week .[/p] [p]In the customization part, you will be able to add a personalized desktop clock that will have exactly the colors you set up. Also, WorldClock will help you personalize your computer and open up to the world as a whole by placing a timezone wallpaper on your desktop that will show you the current position of the Sun and the Moon, as well as the areas where there is night or day.[/p] [p]WorldClock has an alarm scheduler that will display a notification, play a specific sound or launch an application, so you can use WorldClock to remind you of a certain task by playing a particular song or by launching the text processor, or the web browser, or any other application that you commonly use in your work.[/p] Daniel Mantilla Editor rating:

  World Clock Lite for BlackBerry PlayBook – * LITE version is LIMITED. For unlocking full features, please download Contacts Lock World is a global village but keeping track of the time on the other side of the planet requires a little help and a better timepiece. Everyone is, and needs to be connected to the world. Now check date and time of eight cities across the globe on a single screen with the help of the World Clock. The World Clock’s efficient, intuitive interface is unusually attractive and competently configured without being cluttered or garish, making subtle but effective use of color for highlighting and emphasis. The application has high visual impact and readability, even at distance or a glance, but without resorting to flashy, distracting designs. Features: See eight tabs with date and time of various cities spread across the globe by default To change any city, click the city you want to change with the desired city Select the city that you want to add from the list of cities Click DST (Day Light Saving) if your selected city enables DST Support : If you are facing any problem regarding the functionality of the App , please contact us at : ” [email protected] ” We shall be glad to assist you and provide the best possible solution.We’d also be pleased to hear your comments, feed back or suggestions and shall ensure best efforts to over come any reasonable issues regarding the product functioning. Check more Exciting Apps:
  World Clock – #### In 2.0.0 #####
*) Added 7 and 10 Clocks mode.
*) Improved the Clock performance
*) Are you a business person? or Most of the time are in traveling? Or Do you want to know the current time in different cities at a time? Or Are you looking any application that will show the current time for a particular city? Then this app for you.*) This application works completely works in offline. By default this application will support more than 200 famous locations.

*) Using this application you can add custom location and corresponding time zones.

*) You can edit and delete the predefined clocks at any time.

*) Using this application delete the clock from the home screen at any point of the time.

*) For quick view you can also search clock by location and you can also view the current time for a selected location.

*) By using this application you can view 10 clocks at a time in home screen.

*) This application is works very fast and accurate.

*) This application does not have any boundaries. Using this application add unlimited locations.

*) Using this application you can search customized locations, and predefined locations.

*) Beautiful analog clock is now available in BlackBerry® PlayBook™.

A Free program for Windows‚ by Time and Date AS

World Clock – Time Zones is a free software only available for Windows, being part of the category Business & Productivity and that has been published by Time and Date AS.

More about World Clock – Time Zones

Its current version varies with device and it has been updated on 01/03/2017.

It’s available for users with the operating system Windows 10 and later versions, and you can get it only in English. Since we added this program to our catalog in 2016, it has achieved 15 downloads, and last week it was downloaded 1 times.

The details about the install size of World Clock – Time Zones are currently not available.

At a glance – local time, weather, public holidays, timezone comparisons and location alarms for any list of locations around the world Create your own custom list of locations that you are interested in Uses color coding to show working hours, non-working hours, nigh-time and public holidays – Main screen A custom list of locations of all your friends, family or associates Shows current status, day of week, local time, timezone, next alarm event, next public holiday, current temperature and weather description Customise this list, and add any location around the world, either from included 40,000+ in-app database, or via full internet map search – Location Details screen Tap on ellipsis to get full location detail summary, set or edit alarms, list of all holidays and observances for this year and next, and see a detailed 24hr weather history – Timezone comparisons See a full-screen graphic with local hours of the day laid side-by side for all your locations, with a red line showing the time right now Select any date to see how comparison hours shift when daylight savings starts or ends

Windows 10 Alarms & Clock features a Timer, Stopwatch, Alarm, and a World Clock. If you like to keep an eye on different time zones, you can pin as many clocks as you want to the Start Menu in Windows 10.

Click Start > Alarms & Clock. Windows 11 users need to click on Start > All apps > Alarms & Clock.

Click on World clock on the left.

Click on Add new city in the lower-right corner.

✔ What’s Cool

1. A world clock with powerful features including a database of 64,000 cities, awesome map and clock themes, atlas, moon phases, clock chimes (optional), location tracking (optional), and so much more.

Anuko World Clock is a comprehensive application that allows you to have multiple digital or analog clocks on your system tray or on your desktop with different time zones. You can completely customize the clocks, including their appearance (selecting the skin and transparency level), time and date display options, and alarms (which offer repetition, reminders and different actions). The application also includes a timer and stopwatch that you can also add to your desktop, which are also completely customizable. There is a world map which highlights the most important cities of the world, showing pictures of them and their corresponding times. It also offers a calendar, time converter, news reader and time table. You can add as many channels as you want for the news reader and read them whenever you want.
In short, Anuko World Clock is a complete solution for those who need multiple clocks with different time zones, since it offers lots of customization options and other useful features that are needed for everyday life and others that are simply intended for amusement.


  • Fully customizable
  • You can have as many clocks as you want
  • Includes a calendar, time converter, news reader and time table
  • Offers a timer and stopwatch


  • None

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