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Webbee SEO Spider is desktop based java application that extracts a websites’ HTML data and show it to the user is an easily understandable format.Webbee crawls titles, meta information, response codes, heading tags, canonical URLs, meta robots, internal and external links, robots denied webpages, keywords and their overlapping on different pages, images information, 404 pages from webmaster and much more

What is Webbee SEO Spider?

Webbee is a desktop based SEO spider that crawl your website following the pattern of major search engine bots. It searches every nook and corner of your website and collects data for you to spot fruitful opportunities and critical issues that can be turned into major benefits. Download it today to find out the exact steps to turn your site into a traffic magnet.

Best For

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Webbee SEO Spider Pricing Overview

Webbee SEO Spider pricing starts at $15.00 per feature, per month. There is a free version. Webbee SEO Spider offers a free trial.See additional pricing details below.

Deployment & Support

  • Cloud, SaaS, Web-Based

  • Desktop – Mac

  • Desktop – Windows

  • Desktop – Linux

  • Desktop – Chromebook

  • On-Premise – Windows

  • On-Premise – Linux

  • Mobile – Android

  • Mobile – iPhone

  • Mobile – iPad

  • 24/7 (Live Rep)

  • Chat

About WebBee Global


Started in 2005, WebBee Global is an authorized, trusted and listed partner of Amazon, e-Bay, WooCommerce, Shopify, Big Commerce, and Magento, providing cloud empowered customized solutions.

We are authorized expert partner of Shopify for designing and development.  We provide Website maintenance services, Magento Development, WordPress development, Mobile apps development, Android app development, Iphone app development and complete e-commerce designing and development solution.

Our Services –
Integrate – Customize – Automate – Maintain

As an e-commerce company, we provide services for integration, automation, and collaboration of online real-time information. Enriched with 20 years of expertise, we have realized that utility is more important for our customer than just having an e-commerce site and businesses are looking forward to tapping the untouched markets at low cost.

Our services come with high-quality, reliable, robust, user-friendly, and scalable solutions inclusive of:

•    Maintenance and Warranty Solutions
•    SEO Services
•    Availability of information with No Loss of DATA
•    Secure & safe data exchange
•    Anytime Data Accessibility from Anywhere and Any Device




About Webbee

Webbee is a fully featured SEO Software designed to serve SMEs, Startups. Webbee provides end-to-end solutions designed for Macintosh. This online SEO system offers Auditing, Competitor Analysis, Google Analytics Integration, Keyword Research Tools, Link Management at one place.

Webbee Features

  • Auditing
  • User Management
  • Dashboard
  • Campaign Management
  • SEO Management
  • Alerts/Notifications
  • Keyword Tracking
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Link Management
  • Keyword Research Tools
  • Advanced Rank Tracker
  • Website Analytics
  • Google Analytics Integration
  • Backlink Management


Webbee Global is a technology driven company that provides multi-channel software solutions, for easy ecommerce processes.

WebBee eSolutions Pvt Ltd.

NetSuite Solutions| Robust NetSuite | SalesForce Development and Integration | Custom CRM development | ERP development and Integration | Shopify Public and Private App development | Shopify custom theme development | EDI(Electronic Data Interchange.)

Webbee is a desktop based SEO spider that crawl your website following the pattern of major search engine bots. It searches every nook and corner of your website and collects data for you to spot fruitful opportunities and critical issues that can be turned into major benefits. Download it today to find out the exact steps to turn your site into a traffic magnet.

Webbee SEO Spider is an ultimate web spider that crawls your website with respect to major search engine’s guidelines. It gathers everything from your website that can be used to form a perfect search engine strategy for your website.

Our spider is capable of crawling titles, headings (h1 to h6 with their frequency), http and https URLs, status codes (200 OK, Redirects, 404 pages, server errors), page types (images, html, css, JS, flash, PDF), GA codes, robots denied webpages, meta robots, all internal links, all external links, links frequency to internally linked pages, all anchortexts and their frequency, keywords used in all forms and their frequency, sitemaps, images alt tags and images without alt tag. It also has the capability to crawl status codes only.

Webbee, a powerful SEO Crawler Software, can accomplish following tasks.

  • User can have all HTML data like URL status codes, content type of webpage, title, meta description, all headings and their occurrences, Google Analytics code, schema (microdata), canonical URLs, meta robot tags and internal & external links.
  • Webbee also crawls all the keywords used in titles, h1 and anchor texts and audit them to check if they are overlapping with any other webpage or not.
  • User can easily extract all the keywords from competitor’s website.
  • How competitors have implemented schema and what types; webbee crawl it and sort it into tree form for easy understanding.
  • Whatever the length of your sitemap is, webbee will crawl it in seconds and provide you URLs with their last modified date, change frequency and crawl priority in tabular form.
  • It crawls all, internal and external, links; sort them and gives users the option to check which page has links coming from other internal webpages.
  • Meta data and their duplication can be checked with Webbee SEO Spider.
  • If you have a huge list and wants to check only the status codes; webbee has “Header Status Code” for you in this regard. This mode is super-fast as it gets only the status code from URL.
  • If you want to allow or disallow some of the URLs or directories from crawling then custom robots.txt feature is waiting for you. Use custom robots.txt for crawling and get a perfect crawl!
  • Google Webmaster Tool allow you to download only 1000 404 (not found) URLs from panel. But, Webbee spider has Google API implemented that lets the user download all 404 URL list directly from your webmaster account, even a hundred thousand.
  • It has awesome download features that allow user to download all the reports with just one click. All the reports in your system!
  • It crawls all the images from website and sorts them in 2 different sections; with alt tags and without alt tags.

Easy Install

One click installation and it’s ready to go. Just download the Webbee SEO Spider executable file. Double click the setup and install it in your selected location. Its Done!

User Interface

Feel the joy of GUI updating. With the help of this Feature, you can easily update the GUI of the WeBbee with single click. Give a whole new look, feel a difference.

Test It

Just one step ahead from being audited your website. Download, input, click and go. Here you got the best summarized data for analysis.

Custom Crawl

Search Engine Optimization has lot more to do with custom Crawl. Crawl the website as you want to.

Easy Settings

By default configured settings have generically set. For custom crawling see user guide. Don’t worry. Its easy.


We won’t leave you after you purchase the tool. Our support team is at your service when you need them.

EDI (Electronic Data Interchange)
Robust integrations for seamless data exchange between business systems for efficient and automated processes for shipping, order and inventory management. Offering the smoother data flow, improving overall business performance, while, delivering added value to your customers.
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An extensive range of custom app development services and a suite of featured apps with cutting edge integration features making your eCommerce business more versatile. The complete transformation of the business processes for the real-time engagement with the customers for multichannel experience, improved customer experience and repeat visits.
Integrations & Automations
Whether, it is processes based execution or a marketing initiative in a cloud environment, it is inevitable for businesses to remain aloof from integrations. And we are best at it, irrespective of business being B2B or B2C. We offer an extensive array of client integrations for CRM, ERP, ERM, Web Services, Fulfillment, Supply Chain Management, and more.
ERP Consultancy & Strategy
WebBee offers phased and integrated solution for streamlined cost efficient process management and performance enhancement ERP strategy for every business to achieve its unique vision. Our ERP consultancy is driven by the flexible approach for top-to-down or bottom-up implementation depending upon a client’s project requirement and business transformation objectives.
Creating powerful and robust stores for multichannel customer experience driving the growth and sound profitable sales. Our eCommerce platform is designed to meet the contemporary business needs and consumer behaviors and aspirations of tomorrow. With multitude of features including storefront, customization, automation & integration, we, handover you the store accommodated for most of the business environment and processes.
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We are very particular about appearance, look and feel and deliver that uniqueness to your business design and built. With attractive and impressive designs with a lasting impression on your visitors our custom designs are supported with clean and legible code that drives your business with a pace for many years and more.

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