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USB Security Storage Expert Desktop Edition

By USSE software

USSE Desktop Edition is a USB port monitoring software developed for small businesses or institutional organizations to strictly control company and personal data security. It is a safe and reliable product that controls reading and writing to USB storage devices in Windows infrastructure level via USB storage protocols, without consuming system resources. Main Features:1. Automatic Recognition of Plugged-in Storage Devices

It will not influence normal usage of USB mouse, printers or other non-storage devices. 2. Automatic Launch & Hidden Running

USSE cannot be deleted, terminated, uninstalled or cracked by anyone except administrators. 3. Client Interface Control Tools

These tools help administrators manage clients and set permissions.

4. Read & Write Control: Read Only, Write Only, Allow & Block Modes USSE completely controls the read and write permissions of USB sticks, mobile hard disks, digital cameras and other devices.

5. System Infrastructure Level Control with High Response Speed & No System Resource

6. Unique Write Only Feature

Users are only allowed to paste and create files in USB storage devices. They are not allowed to open and save files, or copy files in USB storage devices to other locations.

7. Identifier Recognition

Users can flexibly set corresponding permissions based on identifiers in mobile devices.

8. Background Encryption & Decryption without influence on User Operations

Unlike other time-consuming encryption programs that require encryption every time after copying files to mobile disks, and decryption when copying files from mobile disks to computers, disks encrypted by USSE can be used conveniently like common un-encrypted disks.

9. Support Registration of SD Cards & USB Sticks

USSE has two modes to manage and control WIN CE smart phones: Read Only and Block.

10. Compatible with Windows 7

11. Multiple Proactive Protection against Leakage

USSE manages and controls not only storage devices, but also infrared devices, Bluetooth, 1394 fire wires, 3G Cards, printers, wireless adapters, etc. It completely prevents data leakage from client machines.

12. Protection against Uninstallation & Deletion and Automatic Fix Features on Client Side

USB Security – Download USB Disk Security to Protect USB Drives

Lock, encrypt, password protect USB flash drive, thumb drive, pen drive, memory stick, and other portable storage devices.

Password Protect USB flash drive, pen drive, memory card, thumb drive, etc.

Lock your USB drive in 3 simple steps.

Protect your files automatically after the USB disk plugs into a PC.

Enjoy protection anytime and anyplace without installation.

Lock and unlock USB drives on any computer without installation


What Make USB Security Stand Out?

 This USB disk security program ensures comprehensive data security of your confidential data on your USB flash drives.


Ensure data security in USB flash drives with multiple layers of protection and advanced encryption technique. Password protects all types of external USB storage devices.

Ease of Use

Lock data in a USB disk in 3 simple steps. You can access the protection of USB Security freely on any computer without installing it again.

Instant Protection

Support AutoPlay protection feature when the disk is connected to PC. You can ensure data security in a USB drive and access confidential documents as soon as they are plugged in.

Virtual Drive

It mounts protected USB disks to a virtual drive so that you can safely check or modify protected files. It avoids the risk of preventing USB viruses and unlocking data protection.

Zero Malware Violating

Prevent your data in USB drives from being eavesdropped on or invaded by malware or cybercriminals and be able to block any unauthorized access.

Password Hint

Offer a special password hint feature that allows you to restore passwords when you forget them by accident.

Powerful USB Security protection software

Sensitive and valuable data needs urgent protection. With feature-rich USB Security you can secure the external drive as a whole and supports password-protecting USB flash drive, HDD hard drive, thumb drive, pen drive, memory stick, memory card, and all other portable storage devices in the Windows system

USB security software can detect unauthorized usage

USB devices are readily available and often go unmonitored, potentially serving as a blind spot in a network’s security. Due to this, these devices present a risk of data loss and breaches since they make potentially insecure transfers of data easy.

When you install the SolarWinds® Security Event Manager (SEM) agent, you will also have the option to install USB Defender. The USB Defender Local Policy connector is an endpoint USB security technology designed to protect your data against potential USB threats.

USB Defender enables a SEM agent to monitor the usage of USB devices, including phones, cameras, and mass storage devices on your domain controller server, with the ability to send real-time notifications when USB drivers are installed. USB Defender is also built with the ability to manually and automatically send commands to detach offending devices.

Respond to USB security threats with device control/lockdown

With SolarWinds SEM, you can enhance your USB port security by using preset, out-of-the-box active response rules or creating your own rules. Active response rules are designed to block USB devices when USB access poses a threat—for instance, if deployed by a blacklisted user account. Using USB Defender, you can set active response rules to automatically check if a device belongs to the whitelisted, user-defined group of authorized USB devices. If an unauthorized USB is detected, you can execute preventive measures like automatically detaching the USB device, killing processes by ID or name, blocking IP addresses, and shutting down machines.

USB Defender also writes events related to USB devices attached to SEM agents by default. These events can be parsed for other field information to create more complex blacklist comparisons in addition to more restricted policies for which types of devices should be allowed in the USB Defender Local Policy whitelist users and devices file.

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