• None of your files are perfectly secure, which is why backing them up is so important. However, if a VDI (Virtual Disk Image) file can no longer be accessed, the consequences are especially severe, as they can contain large amounts of data.

    SysInfoTools VDI Recovery is a useful piece of software that provides you with a solution to this problem, as it is capable or repairing these disk images and restoring lost files.

    If you are not familiar with data recovery operations, you need not worry, as the program reduces the process to a few easy steps. As a result, it is very novice-friendly, and it even puts a comprehensive user manual at your disposal.

    Once you have imported the damaged VDI file, the application guides you through the other procedures, and the standard scanning and recovery methods should work in most scenarios.

    Of course, experienced users can try their hand at fine-tuning various parameters to maximize the program’s chances of finding and retrieving important files.

    You can choose between two scanning modes when searching for partitions, and it is even possible to define the start and end sectors manually.

    After the partitions have been discovered, the application allows you to select one of the three supported recovery modes. The standard one is suitable for files that are not badly damaged, while the Deep method is designed for severe corruption.

    Given the size of most VDI files, exporting all the retrieved items may not be ideal, but the application enables you to preview them before they are saved and select only the most important ones.

    In conclusion, SysInfoTools VDI Recovery is a helpful program that can retrieve data from damaged or corrupted VDI files. It offers multiple recovery methods, and its wizard-style interface is very user-friendly.