• slimRAW is a DNG file compressor designed to assist users in converting CinemaDNG raw videos.

    The program allows users to specify source and output folders. Batch operations are thus permitted, which is great when dealing with directories packed with video files.

    SlimRAW supports most DNG footage, including 8-, 12-, 14- or 16-bit standard uncompressed files from their corresponding cameras.

    A great feature of this program is that it uses CRC-32C checksums in order to reveal integrity errors in source files. This can save a lot of time by weeding out erroneous documents.

    The interface is simple and well-suited for the intended job. There is only one window, with just a few checkboxes and a “Start Job” button.

    However, there really is no loss of functionality. Every function is represented and there really would not be any reason to clutter the GUI with irrelevant buttons.

    The application features a compression efficiency ranging from 1.5:1 to 2.8:1, or from 35% to 66% of the original file size. When dealing with multiple such files, a lot of space can be saved by packing them up!

    A nice touch is that compressing files does not lead to any loss of quality. This is true even for metadata, as this information is not lost during the conversion.

    Users should be cautioned, however, that this is not a video enhancer, so sloppy images will still retain their original inferior quality!

    SlimRAW is a great utility for anyone stocking up on CinemaDNG video files. Compressing them with this resource can save a lot of disk space and losses in quality are none.