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Search Text File Pro

Search Text File Pro

Developer’s Description

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STFPRO is a handy-dandy text file search and replace utility will quickly and easily find those files containing piece(s) of text. It allows boolean combination and remembers your previous searches to save you re-entering commonly used configurations. It can show you the lines from the file that matched, and you can simply drag the matched files to the application of your choice

This program effectively searches/replaces files and/or text content in the file system. – it gives you powerful control over where, what and how to search; – can be used as Batch replacement tool, and it let you safely manage exactly which files are to be changed and what changes are to be done; – it’s remarkably fast enabling you to search large file systems; – it’s so efficient to handle gracefully thousands of results; – you can export the results data in various formats (XML, HTML, CSV, and TXT). All of these with a neat, friendly and always responsive interface

Easy-to-use file search application that uses text queries to look up items in directories and create list that can be exported as TXT and CSV

What’s new in Search Text in Files 2.8:

  • Remembers form position
  • Remembers column widths
  • Remembers checkbox values
  • Improved “Options” menu


Search Text in Files is a lightweight application that lets you search for files just by writing down simple queries. It can be used to display all similar files that are displaying the same name in a single list.

Easy-to-use file search application for power users. Search through text files using simple queries. Select directory, enter search text and filename filter, then click the Start button. All files including the search text will be listed. You can export the list into text or CSV file. You can open, copy or delete the files by right-clicking. You can also display file size, and file icons using the checkboxes.

The interface is intuitive as well, as it has two input fields for text and filters, a preview panel where the results are displayed, and some function buttons that help with the process.

Furthermore, there are two export buttons at the bottom of the interface that allows you to take your result and move them to a TXT or CSV file.

To sum it up, Search Text in Files is a neat application that uses simple text queries to display and snag files from within directories as well as exporting them to TXT and CSV formats.

Limitations in the unregistered version

  • The Licensed version allows for:
  • Commercial use allowed
  • No nag screen, no ads
  • Ability to disable update notifications
  • Search Text File PRO is a handy application that will enable you to find text strings inside your files and replace them in a few easy steps.

    The program is able to perform mass replacements and is able to look into several locations in the same time. Also, with Search Text File PRO you can save the query results in TXT, HTML, CSV or XML formats.

    System requirements


    Limitations in the unregistered version

    • 30 days trial

    Vovsoft Search Text In Files is an easy-to-use file search application for power users. Search through plain-text files and PDF files using simple queries and the application will quickly list the requested files.

    Select directory, enter “Filename Filter” and “Find Text”, then click the “Start” button. All files that meet the specified criteria will be listed. You can open, rename, copy or delete the resulting files by right-clicking. You can export the results into TXT or CSV file. You can also display file size, and file icons using the settings. If you want to disregard files that contain a specified text, you can do this by utilizing the “Ignore Text” option.

    Operation file support

    You can save the current state of application as operation file and use it later. All you have to do is open an existing operation file, the program will recognize the search criteria and start searching again.

    Wildcard support

    The application supports filename wildcards; asterisks (*) and question marks (?). An asterisk matches any number of characters, a question mark matches a single arbitrary character.

    Key Features

    Checkmark Filename search

    Checkmark File content search (plain-text and PDF)

    Checkmark Filename wildcards

    Checkmark Operation files for later use

    Checkmark Open, copy, rename, delete

    Checkmark Ignore files that contain specified text

    Checkmark Multi-line search string

    Checkmark Export results to CSV file

    Checkmark Export results to TXT file

    Checkmark Case-sensitive or case-insensitive search

    Checkmark Drag and drop

    Checkmark Show in Explorer

    Search Text File PRO previous crack versions:

    Search Text File PRO is a handy application that will ҽnablҽ you to find tҽxt strings insidҽ your filҽs and rҽplacҽ thҽm in a fҽw ҽasy stҽps.

    Ҭhҽ program is ablҽ to pҽrform mass rҽplacҽmҽnts and is ablҽ to looқ into sҽvҽral locations in thҽ samҽ timҽ. Also, with Search Text File PRO Crack you can savҽ thҽ quҽry rҽsults in ҬXҬ, HҬML, CSV or XML formats.

    Publisher Description

    This program effectively searches/replaces text content in the file system. It gives you powerful control on where and how to search. Furthermore, the replacements will be executed only if you decide to do so, once the search is finished. Any single replacement instance generated can be reviewed and edited


    • Find any file – numerous file types:- PDF, Word (DOC,DOCX,RTF), Excel(XLS), Text (txt)
      – Webpage source: html, asp, php, jsp,shtml, cfm, htx
      – Program source: VB, VC, PB, C++, JAVA, Delphi, C#
      – Email (outlook express), batch files, plain-ASCII text files
    • Easy ways to find files– Find files containing specific text (full-text search)
      – Find files by file type, file name, file size, and time search)
      – Sort files by file size, path and time
      – Find files stored anywhere on your pc or network
    • Exact phrase match or relevant results– Broad match or exact match results
      – View all the file content of search results
    • File Search Engines– Specific file search engine, such as: pdf search engine
      – LAN file search engine for teams, offices, projects
    • Permanent freeware– Text Finding has a permanent free version
      – Low-cost but powerful Pro edition available
      – Free Download, Free software to find your files on network!
    • Network file finder– Set up http file server to let other users search with a web browser.
      – Search all computers on local network (LAN)
      – Preview and download the found files from other computers
      – Set folders available for network search or not
    • Real time search index – Quick search– Create search index on file content to perform quick search
      – Generate different search indexes by location and file type
      – Re-index new or updated files real time (No need to rebuild a new search index)
    • Http File Server Software– Set up a simple http file server on any Windows computer
      – Search files on any computers via web browser
      – Download computer files from anywhere
      – Share files over network
    • Free download available– Free version available for the file search software
      – Free trial of all professional features in the text search tool

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