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QuickBooks ODBC Driver

QuickBooks ODBC Driver

Developer’s Description

The QuickBooks ODBC Driver is a powerful tool that allows you to easily connect-to live QuickBooks data through any ODBC capable application or tool! The Drivers are completely self-contained; no additional software installation is required. All kinds of BI, Reporting, ETL, Database, and Analytics tools offer the ability to read and write data via ODBC connectivity. *Straightforward ODBC Connectivity -Access QuickBooks data through widely available tools – standard ODBC interface offering the -greatest accessibility from applications and developer technologies. -Advanced wire-protocol SSL security for remote connectivity -Faster application deployment and configuration -32-bit and 64-bit support -Build Apps That Connect To QuickBooks Desktop -Connect Office Tools with QuickBooks Desktop -Major development technology, including PHP, Python, Delphi, Visual Basic, PowerBuilder, FoxPro, FileMaker Pro, and more. -Powerful capabilities like ‘Mail Merge’, eliminating the need for complicated import/export procedures. -Support 32-bit and 64-bit applications and unicode ODBC APIs. -Easily Customizable and Configurable -Secure Connectivity: Includes standard Enterprise-class security features such as TLS/ SSL data encryption for all client-server communications. -Certified Compatibility -ODBC Remoting: Allows hosting the ODBC connection on a server to enable connections from various clients on any platform (Java, .NET, C++, PHP, Python, etc.), using any standards based technology (ODBC, JDBC, etc.). ODBC Remoting is enabled using MySQL wire protocol server. -String, Date, Numeric SQL Functions: The driver includes a library of 50 plus functions that can manipulate column values into the desired result. Examples include Regex, JSON, and XML processing functions. -Collaborative Query Processing: Our drivers enhance the data source’s capabilities by additional client-side processing, when needed, to enable analytic summaries of data. -Standards-Compliant ODBC: 3.8 compliant native protocol based drivers. -Secure Connectivity:Standard Enterprise-class security features such as TLS/ SSL data encryption for all client-server communications. -The drivers include the optional ability to accept incoming SQL and MySQL client connections and service standard database requests.

QODBC Driver for QuickBooks Download

This installer download of QODBC Driver is for all versions of QuickBooks Desktop, Licensed purchases, QuickBooks Enterprise edition, and the 30 day Evaluation period version.

If you would like to evaluate QODBC Driver for QuickBooks for free before purchasing, this installer is fully functional upon download and no code is required during the first 30 days. Simply fill out the form below and on the next page you will be able to download the installer. The only restriction of the evaluation version is 20 write operations per session. It works in desktop or server/teminal services operation modes during this period.

QuickBooks ODBC Driver

Read, Write, and Update QuickBooks through ODBC

The QuickBooks ODBC Driver is a powerful tool that allows you to connect with live data from QuickBooks directly from any applications that support ODBC connectivity.


QuickBooks ODBC Driver is referred as QuickBooks dedicated ODBC (Open Data Base Connectivity). The data of the QuickBooks application is stored in its own proprietary DBMS file format so that QuickBooks ODBC Driver can compliant front end application to read and edit the QB data files. The major benefit of QuickBooks Open Data Base Connectivity Driver is that there is no waiting time to get the QB data on the desktop. Moreover, the developers can access data in all of their applications. In this blog, we step into the method to Download, Install and Configure QuickBooks ODBC Driver. Hope your work efficiency with QB increases thereafter.


Quickbooks ODBC Driver

The QuickBooks ODBC Driver enables you to work with QuickBooks Desktop data outside of the QuickBooks interface. The driver allows you to use QuickBooks data in any application that supports ODBC. For example, Microsoft Access, Excel, SQL Server, Oracle®, PHP and Perl. You can query QuickBooks as well as adding and updating QuickBooks records.


Establish connection to QuickBooks cloud databases directly via HTTPS by turning to this reliable connector that supports standard ODBC API functions

What’s new in ODBC Driver for QuickBooks 2.4.1:

  • Added support for Windows 11
  • Improved compatibility with FICO Mosel
  • Improved compatibility with FileMaker
  • Improved support for an ODBC installer on Windows 2000


ODBC Driver for QuickBooks is a connector that enables users to establish connections between ODBC-based applications and QuickBooks cloud databases from Windows. It features support for both 32- and 64-bit systems. .NET Framework is required for this driver to run as intended.

All standard ODBC API functions and data types are supported and implemented in the driver. This driver can help users connect to their cloud databases directly via HTTPS. It is also possible to connect via Proxy by providing the Username, Password, Host and Port parameters in case users can’t access QuickBooks via HTTPS.

Users can handle QuickBooks objects in a similar manner to SQL tables. There is a wide variety of SQL-92 compatible SELECT statements such as ORDER statements, subqueries, GROUP statements, complex JOINs, aggregation functions and WHERE conditions.

DML (Data Manipulation Language) support is also a feature of ODBC Driver for QuickBooks. This makes it possible for users to modify data in QuickBooks databases in a similar manner to SQL databases with “INSERT,” “UPDATE” and “DELETE” commands.

The driver is capable of performing bulk QuickBooks updates by bundling SQL statements into batches, saving precious time spent manually processing each command. Common ODBC interface is fully supported, making any ODBC-friendly web or desktop application able to connect to QuickBooks.

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  • 30-day trial

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