• QBW Password is a versatile utility that enables you to recover encryption keys from QuickBooks QBW and QBA files, as well as scan for mishandled sensitive records and replace passwords.

    It offers multiple retrieval methods and allows your to customize the recovery parameters to a great extent.

    When importing a new file, it is scanned for sensitive data that can be extracted without a password, and the application can perform a cleanup to get rid of recoverable old records.

    Additionally, the program allows you to replace the admin-level user password to regain access to company data.

    When it comes to retrieving lost data, the nature and complexity of the password are all-important. The program offers numerous customization options, so any information you have about the encryption key can be extremely helpful.

    The application can perform a simple dictionary attack, which is best suited for recovering keys that consist of common words, as well as a brute-force attack that tries all possible character combinations until the right one is found.

    However, it is also possible to create mixed attacks and provide the utility with any part of the password that you still remember.

    QBW Password is quite intuitive, despite the complex nature of the recovery process. It features a minimalistic interface that is very simple to navigate and should pose no problems for novices.

    Moreover, the application is bundled with extensive documentation, so even inexperienced users should be able to understand how to fine-tune the password recovery settings and ensure the operation takes as little time as possible.

    All in all, QBW Password is a useful program designed to help you protect the sensitive data stored in QBW and QBA files, as well as recover lost passwords. It is fairly easy to use and puts multiple retrieval methods at your disposal.