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Puzzle Rail Rush

Puzzle Rail Rush


Let us introduce to you the Puzzle Rail Rush – a railroad simulation and puzzle game, where you will feel yourself in the role of a railroad engineer! The railroad is in a complete mess, and you have to fix it, but believe, it is very exciting! To construct the railway, you are given a set of railroad blocks which you have to lay down and order (according to certain rules, depending on the game mode) to complete the railway.

Video games become popular these days, and one of the kids and adults ‘ interest. People like to play video games on computers or mobile phones, and they like different kinds of games such as violent and adventure games; also, they like to play them because they may learn some skills like patience. Moreover, kids can learn a lot of vocabulary from the game such as word? game. However, some game teaches us how we concentrate on the game like Rail Rush, which is an adventure game that you must travel to the depths of the mines to collect as many gold nuggets you can hold while avoiding barriers. Also, from the gold nuggets the player will have money to buy worlds, heroes, and cart stuff to have some fun in the game.

The description of Puzzle Rail Rush App

If you like to make use of your senses, you will definitely enjoy Puzzle Rail Rush game. More than 75 puzzle levels where you have to assemble the railway in order to help the train get to the destination.
If you have ever been fascinated with:
toy railways –
Puzzle Rail Rush is just the thing for you! So, what is this fascinating game about?
You need to correctly assemble the disordered rail sections so that the result would be a real railway between the two stations of destination. However this is not all. In order to train your logics from different angles the game has 2 different play modes:
«Labyrinth» − rails taken apart to sections;
«Push puzzle» − wrongly designed railway;
The first play mode looks like railway assembling from your childhood. Remember, each time you started to play with the train you had to correctly put together the rails first? Now you can check if you still have those skills. In the second play mode you will have to correct the mistakes of some unprofessional engineers who have assembled the road wrongly or even forgot to use certain parts!
Puzzle Rail Rush is a railway simulation game; the railroad is in a complete mess, and you have to fix it. You need to think and focus only on moves which lead to the most effective solution (most levels have more the one solution). To construct the railway, you are given a set of railroad blocks which you have to lay down and order (according to certain rules, depending on the game mode) to complete the railway, and deliver goods and passengers from one station to another.
Are you mistrusting your own powers? Don’t worry − Puzzle Rail Rush is designed with over 100 different levels, from the simplest to the difficult, over which you will have to break your head a lot. Simple levels will make a novice understand the game and will be useful for schoolchildren who need to have a rest from routine from time to time – and Puzzle Rail Rush MAKES REST USEFUL. You can develop your logical skills with each new level and try to assemble the railway while the train is moving already!
Dangerous? Yes, it is! Who would think that one can get a good dose of adrenaline while assembling a puzzle… But this is exactly what happens when you play Puzzle Rail Rush!
Puzzle rail rush – connect different parts of a rails to make a complete railroad. Guide the train from start to finish along it. Use your logic and wit to create safe railroads in this Android game. The playing field is full of many railroad pieces of different shape. You need to lay out these fragments in a path that will lead the train from start to finish. Some levels have railroad points that you need to switch.

Game features:

  • Colorful graphics
  • 75 interesting levels
  • 2 game modes
  • Absorbing gameplay
  • Rail Rush is an incredibly fascinating runner for Windows Phone which, in our opinion, may as well become the main rival to such hits as Temple Run and Temple Run: Oz. Despite the fact that the developers have modified their name a little bit (earlier they were just Miniclip, and now they are Miniclip SA), the game turns out to be of the same high quality as the series Gravity Guy or iStunt 2.
    Perhaps, the reason for correcting the company’s title was the fact that the new game has appeared without the X-Box label. In general, it is not important. The important thing is that you will find a very exciting and dynamic gameplay which is pretty hard to be put aside. As it has been already mentioned, the game is built on the principle of third-person runners with a view from the back.
    However, our ward doesn’t like running and prefers to travel by a trolley on a rail road, if it can be called so. The roller coaster pales in comparison with what awaits our main character. The rails will often break off and you will have to do so that the main character jumps with the lorry to an adjoining road.

    Range of obstacles and treasures

    In addition to break-aways, on the way the prospector will encounter various obstacles. Some of them you will have to jump over, the second ones should be passed having bent down, and in order to pass the third type without problems, you will need to tilt the main character in the direction opposite to that of the obstacle. With the help of tilting in different directions you can also collect gold and other valuables. The filthy lucre can be used in the in-game store to purchase various bonuses, while gems go straight to the game section of your achievements.


    Controlling in the game is carried out by means of gestures and an accelerometer. By tilting the smartphone in different directions, you make the trolley which the main character drives, lean. With the vertical gestures you can force the lorry to jump over an obstacle or to hide the main character inside when passing under an obstacle. The horizontal gestures let you jump from one road to another, and it does not matter which way the trolley is tilted. That is, for example, collecting gold bars to the left of the main character, it’s easy to jump to the right rails.


    The game will please you with a huge number of locations, even within one and the same level. The main thing is not to miss a turn or just skip to the adjacent track in time. The game will delight you with elegant graphics with a hint of 3D and the wonderful soundtrack. The free version will make only one level of the five available to you, but it’s enough to realize that the game is excellent.

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