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PolyPhonix Studio

PolyPhonix Studio

PolyPhonix Studio is a feature-packed music editor especially designed for developing and working with polyphonic ringtones. The application lets you develop or edit SP-MIDI (polyphonic) music optimised for your mobile phone, and generates ringtones that are compatible with a wide range of devices.

PolyPhonix is designed to be simple to use – easy enough for the beginner to create and edit ringtones without too much work, yet powerful enough to give the more experienced user maximal access to the capabilities of the MIDI format.

PolyPhonix Studio includes a number of tools to help with the specific needs of mobile/embedded devices:

  • Set the SP-MIDI flag to signal to the device that channel priorities are to be used
  • Easily remove unnecessary instruments, sections of music or individual notes
  • Set priorities on an instrument-by instrument basis
  • Add special “vibration” instruments, as used in many Nokia phones
  • Display graphs of the polyphony level for particular instruments and for the MIDI sequence as a whole to make it easy to identify which sections of the tune are the most hardware-intensive
  • Upload/download ringtones directly to a range of mobile phones via Bluetooth, infrared or data cable.

The software installs on your Microsoft Windows PC, and if needed, can connect directly to compatible handsets using a suitable cable or infrared port (available separately)

Create, edit and upload Polyphonic ringtones to your Nokia mobile phone with this full-featured MIDI sequencing package. PolyPhonix is designed to be simple to use – easy enough for the beginner to create and edit ringtones without too much work, yet powerful enough to give the more experienced user maximal access to the capabilities of the MIDI format. PolyPhonix Studio is a full SP-MIDI editor with many features designed specifically for mobiles, including vibration channels. You can design MIDI files for any compatible handset, or upload directly to supported Nokia phones.

Version 1.8.2 adds support for Polyphony Graphing (to assist with polyphony reduction on mobile devices), and adds support for many new handsets. Bluetooth support has been enhanced: native support for IVT BlueSoleil, Toshiba Bluetooth, Widcomm and Microsoft Bluetooth software suites.

Feature-rich graphical MIDI/SP-MIDI editor

Open and edit any existing standard MIDI/SP-MIDI file

Modify instruments and notes with an easy-to use drag & drop interface

Fine control the way your track sounds by drawing in the controller lanes

Full drag & drop and undo capability

‘Maximise volume’ feature

Preview your compositions with the unique Phone Profile option using your PC’s sound card

Optimise instrument priorities to improve playback on mobile devices

Use the vibrator in the phone as an instrument!

Save to file in standard MIDI/SP-MIDI format

Download or upload ringtones directly to many different types of Nokia phone (requires a cable or infrared connection)

Live graphic display of polyphony levels as you edit – tracking down those complex sections of music that your phone can’t handle has never been easier!

The free PolyPhonix Studio 1.8.2 download is available on our website. The copyright holder of the software is LogoManager. The built-in antivirus system indicates that the program is secure. These filenames are among the most common for this program: MAT-V2-US.exe and PolyPhonix.exe.

The most popular versions of this program that our community members download are 1.8, 1.5 and 1.4. Notice that PolyPhonix Studio can be launched on the following OSs: Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10 32-bit. The size of this file you are about to download is 1.4 MB. According to the community feedback, the strong side of this program is: this program has a nice interface

PolyPhonix Studio is a multi-function music editor designed specifically for developing and working with polyphonic ringtones. PolyPhonix Studio lets you develop or edit SP-MIDI music on your mobile phone, and generates ringtones that are compatible with a wide range of mobile phones.PolyPhonix designed to be easy to use – easy enough for a beginner to create and edit your own melodies without too work, but powerful enough to give more experienced maximum user access to capabilities format MIDI. -Feature Rich graphical MIDI / SP-MIDI editor to open and edit any existing standard MIDI / SP-MIDI files Edit instruments and notes with easy-to-use interface, fine control of the way your way sounds, drawing the strip controller-Full Drag potential drop and doors Volume function Overview Maximum use of compositions with a unique account number function with the help of computers sound card priorities tool-optimization for improved playback on mobile devices using the phone as a tool for the vibrator! Save the file to a standard MIDI / download SP-MIDI format, or download ringtones directly on many different kinds of Nokia phone (requires cable or infrared connection) -Live graphical representation of the levels of polyphony as a device – to find those intricate details music that your phone can work never been easier! -30 Days Court

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How do I download a file?

To download a file, visit the website where it is available. Tap the Download link or Download picture after touching and holding the item you wish to download. Then, open the Downloads app to view every file you've downloaded to your smartphone. Find out more about how to manage downloaded files.

How can I download software for PC?

Find a.exe file and download it.
Double-click the.exe file after finding it. (You may often find it in your Downloads folder.)
There will be a dialogue box. Install the program according to the instructions.
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