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Microsoft SharePoint Workspace 2010
Microsoft SharePoint Workspace 2010, the new name for Microsoft Office Groove, expands the boundaries of collaboration by allowing fast, anytime, anywhere access to your Microsoft SharePoint team sites. With Microsoft SharePoint Workspace 2010 access synchronized SharePoint libraries and lists locally on your PC, even when disconnected from your SharePoint server, edit content when not connected to SharePoint server and your changes are cached — waiting for synchronization, and work with your files from a SharePoint site, browse them in your local folders, or even save files from other applications into those same folders

Manage SharePoint sites locally on your PC

The trial version for Microsoft SharePoint Workspace 2010 is no longer available. You can download a free trial of Microsoft Office 2013 instead.

Microsoft SharePoint Workspace extends your SharePoint sites to your desktop, allowing you to work when you want and where you want.

Designed for team collaboration, Microsoft SharePoint Workspace (formally known as Groove), allows you to create and manage workspaces in which you can share documents, calendars, folders and spaces. These can be worked on on your PC, before being automatically synced with your SharePoint site. You can choose to work offline and then sync back with Microsoft SharePoint Workspace when you next go online.

Fast file access

Managing your site’s files with Microsoft SharePoint Workspace is a dream, thanks to a handy launcher interface which allows you to quickly import documents. The software integrates with Windows Search, allowing you to access specific pages and files very quickly by searching all available workspaces from the same place.

Adopting the ribbon style of other Office products means Microsoft SharePoint Workspace is very well organized and easy to get around. It allows you to easily work with other programs in the suite, and utilize the resulting documents on your SharePoint sites.

Collaborative tools

There are plenty of helpful collaborative tools within Microsoft SharePoint Workspace that make it easier to manage projects across a team. For instance, there’s a Check in/out tool for allocating files to users, an integrated chat feature and a version history tracker for keeping up with changes.

Microsoft SharePoint Workspace offers a quick solution for managing SharePoint sites on your desktop, and provides a simpler way to collaborate on projects.


  • Well-organized user interface

  • Smart search tool

  • Useful collaborative tools


  • Not available separately to the Office 2010 pack

General Microsoft SharePoint Workspace 2010.lnk Runtime Errors

Microsoft SharePoint Workspace 2010.lnk file errors often occur during the startup phase of Office, but can also occur while the program is running. These types LNK errors are also known as “runtime errors” because they occur while Office is running. Here are some of the most common Microsoft SharePoint Workspace 2010.lnk runtime errors:

  • Microsoft SharePoint Workspace 2010.lnk could not be found.
  • Microsoft SharePoint Workspace 2010.lnk error.
  • Microsoft SharePoint Workspace 2010.lnk failed to load.
  • Error loading Microsoft SharePoint Workspace 2010.lnk.
  • Failed to register Microsoft SharePoint Workspace 2010.lnk / Cannot register Microsoft SharePoint Workspace 2010.lnk.
  • Runtime Error – Microsoft SharePoint Workspace 2010.lnk.
SharePoint Workspace 2010 expands the boundaries of collaboration by allowing fast, anytime, anywhere access to your SharePoint team sites. Synchronize SharePoint Server 2010 document libraries with SharePoint Workspace so you can access, view, and edit files anytime and anywhere from your computer. Lists such as Discussion, Tasks, and custom lists are supported as well. You can even synchronize Business Connectivity Services lists, making access to your backend systems even easier


Easily take important SharePoint documents offline and work with the content whether or not you’re connected
Start a SharePoint workspace directly from the SharePoint site you want to synchronize to your local computer
Complete your work more efficiently and get to the task you need with the Backstage view
Updated with the Ribbon, making it even easier to use and manage data while reducing the learning curve
Supports Desktop Search, making it easier than ever to find information
Automatically synchronize a document’s properties from the SharePoint Server when online
Make changes wherever you are with confidence that the next time you connect, content will be synchronized back to SharePoint
Take SharePoint libraries and lists with you and work as though you were connected to the server, giving you and your team a seamless online/offline experience
Keep working with content even when the server is down—when it’s available again, SharePoint Workspace automatically uploads your changes
View the availability of others through rich presence information and initiate a conversation through instant messaging, all without leaving SharePoint Workspace
Enjoy the freedom to work from more devices by synchronizing data from SharePoint to multiple devices—use it to carry data on your PC, laptop, and other Windows devices

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Where can i download SharePoint Workspace 2010?

When installing this on laptops it removed the version of Office 2010. … Is there anywhere i can download and install SharePoint Workspace from … If you have feedback for TechNet Support, contact [email protected].





With this workspace type, you create a copy of a SharePoint site on your local computer that is automatically synchronized with the server.
A SharePoint Workspace is your own personal copy of the SharePoint site, or selected lists and libraries you choose to take offline and synchronize from that site. The workspace contains only you as a member. You share content updates with other SharePoint users by synchronizing the workspace with the SharePoint site. Similarly, you receive content updates that SharePoint users have made on the SharePoint site by synchronizing the workspace.
In simple terms, a SharePoint Workspace gives you access to SharePoint site content at any time, whether or not you are connected to your network.

The most obvious reason to create a SharePoint workspace is to have access to your SharePoint site data when you are unable to access your network, or when you are offline.
Additionally, many users may prefer the features and work environment found in SharePoint workspaces, as compared to those found working directly on SharePoint sites in a Web browser. For example, SharePoint workspaces provide quick and easy navigation among lists and libraries. You can switch among these lists and libraries by clicking with the mouse and thus avoid loading Web pages. If you work with content from several SharePoint sites, you might download this content into a number of SharePoint workspaces, and organize them in the SharePoint Workspace Launchbar for quick access.
Finally, many users may find they enjoy the rich application features found in SharePoint workspaces, and appreciate the simplicity of performing many standard activities such as adding or editing new items or files to lists and libraries.

You can create a SharePoint workspace directly from a SharePoint site by simply clicking the Site Actions menu, and then clicking Sync to SharePoint Workspace. This is probably the easiest and most foolproof way to create the workspace given that the starting point is the SharePoint site you want to copy to your computer.
You can also create a SharePoint workspace from the SharePoint Workspace Launchbar or from the Backstage view. In this case you will need to know the Web address of the SharePoint site you want, and you may need to supply SharePoint site credentials.

When you first create a SharePoint workspace, the initial download settings are set to download all items from all supported lists and libraries on the selected SharePoint site. In the case of document libraries, you download the item content in the SharePoint workspace, either by opening documents or using the Download Contents option on the Sync tab.


What is Microsoft SharePoint Workspace?

SharePoint Workspace (previously known as Microsoft Office Groove) is a collaboration software program that helps teams work together dynamically and effectively, even if team members work for different organizations, work remotely, or work offline. Working in workspaces saves time, increases productivity, and strengthens the quality of team deliverables.

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