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MailVault is a universal e-mail archiving solution that works with all standard email servers. It even works without a mail server. MailVault offers a central email backup for everybody and allows you to restore email at will. For any user, any email id and over any time-range. Use powerful search-criteria or simply perform a free-text search through entire message bodies (and some types of attachments) to find what you seek. Discover conversations and locate that elusive message in your email hay stack instantly. MailVault’s email deduplication gives you single-instance storage, along with compression for a super-efficient and minimal usage of disk space. Administrator’s will love MailVault’s convenience features like web-based administration for easy remote access, bulk-user addition with auto-account activation, single-sign-on support, integration with Active Directory & LDAP and automatic-updates. System alerts keep you informed without having to constantly monitor MailVault. End users will appreciate the simple web-based interface and self-service options for search and restore of their own email, without needing to rely on expensive helpdesk or administrative resources. Reports and audit trails keep your solution compliance ready and offer business intelligence for email and trends to the management. MailVault is cross-platform and currently available for Microsoft Windows and Linux. All this backed by a responsive development team and great support, which you probably won’t need

Your email is valuable. Keep it safe!

MailVault securely backs-up your entire organization’s email into a centralized archive. Powerful search mechanisms allow you to view and restore email for any user, any email address, over any time period.

Additionally, MailVault’s Email Plus functionality allows organizations to backup documents, files, calendars and contacts; and offers native support for Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace.

Compatible with all mail systems, MailVault readies your company for ediscovery and compliance, and helps you save money in the process.

MailVault is available for Microsoft Windows and Linux, and can be deployed on-premise, or in the cloud and even in a hybrid mode.

In a nutshell, MailVault makes email archiving and email backup simple, productive and a joy to use.

Compatible with ALL standards-based email servers

Do you use a cloud based solution like Microsoft 365 (Office 365), or Google Workspace (G Suite), Gmail for Business, Google Apps – Free Edition?

Or do you run Microsoft Exchange on a MS Windows server? MDaemonZimbraLotus Notes? Perhaps you run Postfix or Qmail or Sendmail on Linux? Or maybe one of the many email servers that support POP3 or IMAP and SMTP?

MailVault will happily co-exist and work along with any of these, thus giving you the freedom to mix-and-match and protecting your investment in your email infrastructure – now and in the future.

Download MailVault

MailVault is available for Microsoft Windows and Linux.

New users may download a free copy to test run and explore MailVault. The demo copy is full-featured, but limited to three users and one thousand emails. We encourage the “try before you buy” approach and in case you need to, you may apply for an evaluation license.

Are you a Service Provider?

Service Providers can use the MailVault Service Provider Edition to offer Email-archiving-as-a-Service to their clients.

MailVault pricing is based on user-license slabs. Our international users can purchase MailVault online – conveniently and securely. For users from India, we accept cheques and demand drafts too.


MailVault is an archiving and eDiscovery software that performs a secured and centralized back-up process for internal, incoming and outgoing emails of the organization.

This software is compatible with every mail system and MailVault further helps the company to monitor all emails conversation. It is one of the most effective email backup solutions. It is a powerful search mechanism platform that allows a user to view and restore emails for users. MailVault can easily collect emails from various mail sources, whether remote or local. These email messages are collected, de-duplicated, scrutinized and stored in real-time. It possesses multi-protocol and multi-mail client email support enables flexible deployment process. Operated from any web-browser, MailVault is a remotely-accessible tool.

Features of MailVault

Simple Search
Easy to use and it has an easy Google-like search which can be accessed from the client’s email.
Email Systems Compatibility
MailVault is compatible with every standards-based email servers. It supports MS Exchange, Google Apps, Lotus Notes and lots more.
Security Policies
MailVault enables multi-role user privileges. Authorization and accessibility processes are based on the user’s role.
Automatic Discovery
MailVault helps to auto-build users and business directories from email. One can easily and instantly search the users’ name or organization.
Effective Archive Management
MailVault has multiple archives and disks support. It has multiple filters to isolate unwanted email.
Minimize Storage
Smart single-instance storage feature for minimizing the disk space usage. Email deduplication saves the desk space.

Benefits of MailVault

Disaster Management
Prevents disaster by backing up the email and restoring them.
Email Monitoring
Monitors and scrutinizes all corporate emails
Cost-effective tool that reduces admin and helpdesk costs.
Compliance Ready
Enables quick retrieval of all the emails and provides long term storage.
Archival Reports
Reports are generated by collecting information from emails.
Easy-to-operate and MailVault is a user-friendly tool

About MailVault

Business email contains valuable data and needs to be preserved safely for long periods of time. MailVault securely back-up your entire organization’s email into a centralized archive to be retained over a long term.

MailVault Alternatives & Competitors for Small Businesses

(1)3.5 out of 5

If you’re familiar with MailVa

ult, but looking for a solution that works well in a small business setting, G2 can help. Reviewers often noted that they’re looking for Other Email Software solutions that are simple and time saving. 100% of MailVault reviewers on G2 are from a small business and rate MailVault 3.5 out of 5. You may be seeking a more specialized offering built specifically for smaller companies. SaneBox, ImprovMX, Covideo, and Outlook OST viewer are the most popular alternatives and competitors to MailVault for reviewers from smaller sized companies.

MailVault securely backs-up your entire organization’s email into a centralized archive. Powerful search mechanisms allow you to view and restore email for any user, over any time period. Compatible with all mail systems, MailVault readies your company…

Universal Email Backup and Archiving

MailVault archives email from all standard email servers.

It provides a centralized, fully searchable email backup for all users in an organization with the ability to search and restore email at will. For any user, any email-id and over any time range. The smart archive scales to accommodate many years worth of email and self-prunes itself based on user-settings.

Enterprise class features like retention policies and litigation support prepare you to be compliance ready. Optional self-service settings allow end-users to access their own email (over a browser, or from within their email clients), without consuming skilled administrator time.

MailVault runs on Microsoft Windows and Linux, and is easy and light enough to be used by small companies, while at the same time being powerful and sophisticated enough to satisfy the largest enterprise’s requirements.

See why our smallest customers (10 users) and largest customers (greater than 10,000 users) rely on MailVault to safely preserve their email over the years.

MailVault Features

Email systems compatibility

 Works with all standards-based email servers

 MS Exchange, Office 365, Google Apps (include Free Edition), Lotus Notes, Zimbra, Postfix, Qmail, Sendmail, etc.

Email Backup & Archiving

 Archive all internal, incoming, outgoing email (with multi-domain support)

 Automated & on-demand, email collection and archiving

 Multi-protocol support: POP3, IMAP, SMTP

 Archive email from local & network storage

 Archive email from multi-mailbox formats: mbox, maildir, eml files, etc.

 Legacy email backup

 Optionally relay incoming SMTP email outwards to a SMTP relay server

Smart storage

 Email deduplication and single-instance storage to minimize disk usage

 Compression for even greater storage gains

 Military grade encryption

 Additional cloud based email storage using SkyStore

Easy archive management

 Multiple archives, partitions, disks support

 Disk storage: local, network attached, removable external drives

 Automatic roll over, with new archive activation

 Secondary storage, with automatic incremental backups and primary archive retention policy

 Filters to keep out unwanted email

 Email holding queue during archive or storage maintenance

Compliance ready

 Long term storage, searchable and quickly retrievable

 Auditable administrator and user activity logs

 Flexible retention policies for different email

 Litigation “hold” support for purposes of legal discovery

 Email tamper detection

Powerful search and retrieval

 Simple “Google-like” search

 Free-text search in full message body and headers

 Search in attachments (commonly used file formats: Text, MS (doc, ppt, xlsx), HTML, PDF

 Advanced search based on various criteria

 Search within search results

 Save searches for later use

 Quick forward selected email to users

 Forward email as original mode available

 Search and restore across multiple archives

MailVault Feature Sheet

Restore email

 Restore email for any user, any email id, over any time period

 Multi-mode restore available

 Direct restore via built-in POP3 server

 Forward via SMTP server

 Direct download as zip file

 Retrieve email from any search result set (via SMTP, POP3)

 Access archived email from within an email client (over IMAP)

 Self-service for users available

Automatic discovery

 Auto-builds an organizational directory from email

 Auto-builds a people directory from email

 Instant searches from directory listings (organization and people)

Convenient and powerful user management

 Add single or multiple users easily

 Mass import users from CSV files, Active Directory, LDAP, etc.

 Choose between manual or secure auto-password generation

 Welcome mail with self-account activation

 Multiple email ids per user

 Optional remote authentication mechanisms for single-sign-on

 Multiple user roles, with appropriate privileges

System alerts

 Daily system activity summary for the administrator

 Low disk space warning, with time remaining for space to be used up predictions

 Mail source monitoring and alerting to keep an eye on your mail server

 Optional personal email usage summary for users

 Activity indicators for email retrieval, indexing and uploading

MailVault Feature Sheet

Security policies

 Supports multi-role user privileges

 Authorization and access is based on user role

 Sub-admin roles for divided responsibilities and to prevent admin snooping

 Allows for corporate messaging surveillance (based on the organization’s policy)

 Protects privacy by allowing regular users to search and access only their own mail

 Optional VIP status for users to enhance security and privacy of their email

 Connection restrictions by IP

 Email forwarding controls

 Support for HTTPS using self-signed certificates

Reports and logging

 Automated logging and log rotation

 Track and audit administrative and operational activity

 Top users with inbound and outbound mail flows

 Watch email usage and trends

 Advanced custom queries

Enhances productivity

 Keeps your mail server light and responsive by offloading storage and search

 User-friendly self-service functionality lowers admin time and costs

Hardware, OS, technologies

 Any modern machine with 4-8 GB RAM, HDD as needed

 Runs on Microsoft Windows and Linux platforms

 Can run on a VPS or in a Virtual Machine (VMWare, VirtualBox, etc.)

 No additional database required

 Uses open, standard protocols and formats

MailVault Feature Sheet


 Easy setup and configuration

 Text-only mode for easy deploys to headless / remote / cloud servers

 Accessible via any modern web browser on a desktop, laptop, tablet or mobile phone

 Web console for real-time monitoring of Mailvault activity

 Context specific help and guidelines

 New version alerts with auto-update options

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