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By Castellan Systems

Librarian is a powerful tool that allows the Project Manager, and the whole team, keep track of project documents no matter where they are stored. It maintains a register, which meets PMI & CMM requirements, but also allows for the recording of their hard and soft copy location. It can also track import project communications, including the details of who send it and who was the receiver.The package assists the Project Manager to quickly find project files no matter whether they are stored in a file server or a SharePoint location. It also can record the version history and holders of hard copies. So what does Librarian do? It generates document identities and tracks details of documents. It can link to documents stored on file servers or SharePoint. It provides a quick means of find and opening project documents no matter where they are stored. Maintains a document version history. Maintains a register of hard copies holders of a document

Point and click adventure game

Something’s wrong in the library. As the librarian, it’s up to you to figure out what it is. Rendered in beautiful pixel art, The Librarian is perfect if you’re a fan of point and click games.

Artistic adventure

If you regularly play point and click adventure games, then you’re probably familiar with Thimbleweed Park and Photographs. Both of these games feature detailed pixel art by Octavi Navarro. The Librarian is his latest solo project and is packed with charm.

Adventure game heritage

Point and click games have been around for years, and generally involve clicking or mousing over objects to get clues or combining them to solve puzzles. Octavi Navarro’s involvement with Thimbleweed Park is an apt one, as that game was designed by Ron Gilbert, a veteran point and click developer.

With The Librarian, Navarro takes the fundamentals of the genre and streamlines them. Click the mouse to move Liz, your character, around and explore. Hover over an object for a brief description, and click on it to use or examine it. Drag items from your inventory onto an object or part of the screen where you want to use it.

Compelling story

A mysterious owl appears in your bedroom with a note stating that ‘something is wrong in the library.’ Once you head there, you discover someone or something has murdered everybody. TheLibrarian suggests a murder-mystery is afoot, but what follows is both stranger and more ambiguous.

The opening note is also the only instance of text within the game world. Everything you learn is through environmental storytelling. This makes The Librarian feel less like a traditional adventure game and closer to an exploration game like Gone Home.

High quality on low specs

The pixel art graphics look detailed and excellent in motion, but the game only needs low system specifications to run. We were able to run it with no issues on Windows 7, although a minimum of Windows 8 is recommended.

Beautifully realised short adventure

Even if you’re not already familiar with the work of Octavi Navarro, The Librarian is a no-brainer. It’s free, and the only downside is the short playtime (about 30 minutes). Otherwise, if you’d like a similar game experience that lasts longer, then The Last Door should scratch that itch.

The Librarianfor Windows



Explore the night of the supernatural

Octavi Navarro, the developer, poured his heart into this short indie game that feels entirely personal. The Librarian is a free point-and-click fantasy adventure game that features a thoroughly authentic world for you to uncover and explore.

A wonderfully designed adventure

The Librarian is a lovely fusion of an eerie riddle and wholesome storytelling that grips you with its warm atmosphere.

The Librarian is a charming indie game. The light sounds of piano keys and the wind greet you the moment you first launch it. Midnight hues uncover the 2D side-scroller pixelated art style that still feels realistic.

You play as Liz, the Librarian from the title. You’re visited by an owl carrying a message, saying that something is wrong in the library, and you have to explore it. After picking up a dagger, key, and several books, you head outside.

Even with such a ghostly beginning, this isn’t a horror game, or not exactly. There are spooky elements, and the overall feeling is one of imminent danger, but the focus is more on exploring the strange universe you’re in rather than running away from it.

As you progress, you will uncover a number of puzzles that challenge you and stall your progress. The developer made sure that they’re clever but solvable, not slowing down the game pace.

It’s a shame that it takes about half an hour to go through the entire adventure. While the story does feel complete,the ending leaves you with the desire to learn more about the strange universe of The Librarian.

Where can you run this program?

This game runs on Windows as well as on Mac devices except for macOS Catalina.

Is there a better alternative?

Yes, because The Librarian, while great, features a rather short story and gameplay. If you liked this type of style though, try Midnight Scenes or Thimbleweed Park from the same developer. Go Home is a longer indie game with a similar atmosphere.

Our take

The Librarian is a video game that feels more like a story that tries to evoke ideas and emotions much more than focusing on complex gameplay mechanics. Overall, it is a unique and charming adventure game.

Should you download it?

Yes, if you’re a fan of fantasy and mystery, The Librarian is well worth a look. Despite the game’s rather short gameplay, it will draw you into its universe for an unforgettable experience.

Librarian Pro is a straightforward application that allows users to create a nifty database for storing books, movies, music collections, video games and software items.

Create your personal virtual library

Compared to other similar products that give you the possibility to catalog only your movies or books, Librarian Pro comes packed with many dedicated parameters for helping you design a general library.

The program sports a clean and intuitive interface that offers quick access to the items arranged on bookshelves for each category.

The tools that come to support the creation of different collections were designed to be mastered even by less experienced users. It is possible to add a new item by providing basic and detailed information, creating an inventory, inserting reviews and data about ownership, marking items as borrowed, as well as including additional values.

For example, a new book item can be added to the list manually, by specifying the title, genre, author, total pages, and publication date, or automatically, by downloading data from the Internet and filling the missing book information. You can also insert additional details, namely language, country, awards, editor, publisher, translator, and others.

You can view a list with the most recent added items, perform searches throughout the entire database, edit or delete the selected files, as well as view details about the borrowed items and create a list of borrowers.

Additionally, you can make the program save the database at a specified time interval, schedule alarms, and send email or audio notifications for the borrowed items.

Catalog your collections with ease

The collections cannot be exported to a file, but you can specify the categories to be printed (e.g. books, video games, videos) and fields (e.g. country, rating, features).

Overall, Librarian Pro proves to be a handy tool that bundles many useful features for helping you catalog different collections.

Tip: Winaero Twеaker is essential software for every Windows 10, Windows 8 and Windows 7 user. It allows you to customize the appearance and behavior of the operating system in a flexible way.


Pro 5.1.3

Librarian will order all the books, music and films that you store on your PC or at home. Download Librarian and check out its effective cataloging system

Librarian offers you the possibility to create and manage a real library on your computer. It is a practical cataloger from which you can manage and order your music and film collections or your small library of books and magazines.

Manage your own collections and libraries

The cataloging system used by Librarian allows you to classify each element of a collection and store the information regarding a specific element to create complete catalogs that will be accessible from the applications itself or exported to a format that is valid for a web or to be viewed on an iPod.

Other functions that are available in Librarian are the support to import from other cataloging applications like Delicious Library and DVDpedia, searches on Amazon depending on different criteria (author, title, ISBN, ASIN,…), the customization of the interface, the possibility to read barcodes (still under development), etc.

Catalog your books, magazines, games, films, CDs, applications,… as they deserve and always have them handy, thanks to Librarian.

How do I download a file?

To download a file, visit the website where it is available. Tap the Download link or Download picture after touching and holding the item you wish to download. Then, open the Downloads app to view every file you've downloaded to your smartphone. Find out more about how to manage downloaded files.

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Find a.exe file and download it.
Double-click the.exe file after finding it. (You may often find it in your Downloads folder.)
There will be a dialogue box. Install the program according to the instructions.
Installing the program is planned.

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