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Invader Attack 2

Invader Attack 2

Developer’s Description

By CoderGames
Invader Attack 2 is a modern 3D shoot them up game with aggressive AI, stunning graphics and visual effects, music specifically composed for this game, exploiting power of your 3d graphic card. There are many different enemy types and bosses each having a unique and challenging artificial intelligence. Unique scoring and achievements system will ensure fair play and additional level of competition between players with a 24/7 online hiscore table. Total of 8 achievements will make even the experienced shoot ’em up players sweat despite the fact that there are many different power-ups making helping the fight. While the title of the game hints the sequel of Invader Attack predecessor, this game is much advanced in every way. It’s a fast paced tactical shooter with smarter and harder enemies. You will need to get acquainted with enemies before you make up the best strategy for each level. Free will of AI will ensure re-playability even after you’ve finished the game

Invader Attack 2 is a vertical progression shooter in which you have to fight enemies amidst a hail of gunfire. The game follows the bullet hell style with a large number of ships shooting at the same time on the screen.

As you annihilate opponents, special items appear on the scene that can increase your ship’s health and provide weapon upgrades. However, you can invest some real money to improve your ship and climb to the top of the rankings faster.

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bullet rain
Following the style of Japanese 2D shooters from the 90’s, you are faced with dozens of enemies and many shots flying across the screen at the same time. Frantic firefights take place in meteorite-filled environments, while you do your best to avoid being shot and still eliminate enemies.

Control is done by touching the screen, without the presence of buttons or the accelerometer feature. This way you get an expanded view of the scenario, allowing you to perform riskier maneuvers to defeat enemies.

Our Opinion on Invader Attack 2
Invader Attack 2 bets on the bullet hell arcade genre to present a battle between ships in the middle of an asteroid belt. The game shows realistic textures to take the player into a more immersive environment while offering a classic and nostalgic pastime.

It is certainly a much easier said than done attitude, since the amount of enemies that appear at a time is immense and the shots come from all sides. Right at the beginning of the game there is a very important tutorial for pilots to know the possibilities that await them, such as the way the ship must be controlled and how to access the different weapons.

Frantic combat system
The game provides a fun and satisfying level of fun, becoming more and more complicated as you progress. New and more powerful enemies appear in front of you, requiring greater agility and quick thinking. Whoever is the fastest with the finger wins.

The game’s maneuvering system is also simple, as you control the ship by positioning it with your finger. The response of commands is quite fast and allows quick movements to perform good dodges. You just have to be careful not to generate a blind spot on the screen, something that can get in the way a bit when playing on smaller screens.

nostalgic atmosphere
The vision of the game appears in a camera from above and with simple and well-crafted graphics. Most gamers, when looking for a similar title, want addictive and fast-paced gameplay, with visual effects taking a back seat to the action.

The other sounds refer to the tasks performed and all of them have a great synchronization with their visual component. Finally, the nostalgic and typical soundtrack of games of the genre packs the unbridled shooting.

Pros & Cons
nostalgic look
easy controls
Dynamic gameplay
good dose of challenge
We didn’t find any negative points.

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