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Developer’s Description

Hand2Note poker HUD is made with the serious online poker players in mind. Hand2Note provided over 500 statistics which are helpful to improve your poker game. Poker HUD stands for “poker Head-Up Display” and using ours you get graphics, stats and analysis right on top of the table you are playing on. Free plan is available for life for low limits tables, 30-day free trial on all plans

PokerMaster HUD

99.9% precise poker HUD on PokerMaster and many other Android poker-rooms.

PokerMaster HUD is fully integrated into our software with Short Deck Hold ’em and full straddle support.

Analyze your results

Sessions and Graphs are standard ways to watch and analyze your winnings.

“Fish Count”, “Relative fish position” reports are examples of unique and extremely usefull reports adopted to the modern competetive online poker environment.

Explore your opponents

All high stakes professional players among our users recognize Hand2Note as the most efficient software for exploring their opponents’ game.

High Performance

Days of slow import, freezes and huge databases are long gone.

Hand2Note uses the latest data compression and database technologies to achieve the highest performance while operating high volume of comprehensive calculations and huge data flow.

Create any custom stat you need

Easily create any specific statistics you need in our HUD, Popup and Filter Editors with intuitive user interface.

Build comprehensive popups incredibly faster then in any other poker tracking software using Mass Clone.

Use mathematical Expressions to create stats with complicated logic of calculation

Migrate your stats from other software

We provide private service helping customers migrate their HUDs and popups from Holdem Manager, NoteCaddy and Poker Tracker to Hand2Note.

We guarantee fast and reliable private HUD development of any complexity.

A lot of poker players are looking for Hand2Note crack. But in this case, you don’t need a crack in the standard sense. You can easily use Hand2Note without paying anything!

The software is completely free for any stakes just with some limitations on functionality. But the paid features are not really important at the beginning. So all you need to do to start using Hand2Note for free is go to the official website, download and install it.

What are the limitations?

The most advanced features of Hand2Note such as positional and dynamic HUD, Range Research, Decision Analysis, and Extended popup on stat are not available on a free version. But even with these restrictions, Hand2Note is way better than Holdem Manager and Poker Tracker. So if you can get the best tracker for free, you should definitely do it, right?

Is there a crack for the full version?

No, but you can get a free trial period for 30 days. Also, there is a 14-days free trial for Asian apps. During the trial period, you’ll be able to use all the features of the software, except Range Research. After the trial period is expired, Hand2Note will automatically switch to a free version called BASE. You don’t need to do anything and you won’t lose any data.

However, it is worth noting that the paid version of Hand2Note provides you with the most advanced features. So after you use the free version, you can think about buying. With the help of the tools, you can significantly improve your game and gain an advantage over your opponents.


In conclusion

Hand2Note is the most powerful and advanced poker software. Using modern software in current poker conditions is very important. And right now it’s free for any stakes. Hand2Note crack is not needed, just use the official version. You should use this opportunity to take your game to the next level.


Hand2Note is a tracker with a HUD, just like its competitors, but is mainly intended for the more experienced players. If you are new to the world of poker and are looking for a basic tracker + HUD, other options will probably be better suited to your needs. On the other hand, if you are an experienced player looking for a really powerful software to help you analyze your poker in detail and, most importantly, the trends of your opponents, Hand2Note will be the perfect option for you. In this article we will explain how to download and install Hand2Note. We will also introduce you to some of the features most appreciated by the players of the Hand2Note software

A window will appear to tell you where to install the software. It is suggested to leave the default installation location as is. If for any reason you want to change the location of the installation, it is up to you. SUGGESTION: If your computer has more than one hard disk, it is strongly recommended to install Hand2Note on your electronic hard disk (SSD). You will get much better performance by choosing the latter rather than a conventional hard drive

Press “Import Folder” and find the folder where your hands are saved. You will have to do this again for each game room you play in. Please note that the software Hand2Note is especially designed to work with the hands of the following game rooms: Pacific Network, Microgaming, PokerMatch, Ipoker, Chico, Adda51, WPN, Winamax, 888 Poker, Winning, Microgaming and PokerStars. Compatibility with other game rooms is absolutely not guaranteed. Sometimes you won’t have all the options of the software on your game room. Here are two tables summarizing the functionalities according to the game room

Hand2Note is an innovative poker program for collecting and analyzing statistical indicators. Favorably differs from other poker trackers (Holdem Manager 2, Poker Tracker 4, DriveHUD, Poker Copilot 6) with higher speed and enhanced functionality. Displays positional and dynamic HUD, shows complex elements in pop-ups (charts, lists of hands, nested tabs), contains very colorful data visualization, can analyze the general pool of players. Hand2Note is the most convenient and technologically advanced tool for working with statistics. Professional poker players always prefer H2N for its functionality and no longer return to alternative options.

Edge version features:

  • Dynamic HUD (Build a HUD with thousands stats in it showing only a small portion of stats depending on the situation in hand: stack sizes, positions, street and even actions in hand);
  • Advanced Stats (This feature provides a lot of additional information per each stat like vs-Hero stats, preflop ranges, hand strength diagrams, bet sizing tendendecies etc.);
  • Decision EV Analysis (Find leaks in your game by analyzing which decisions were -EV. This feature is one of the most valuable feature in Hand2Note);
  • Range Research (Analyze tendencies of the players pool as a whole. Categorize players by their types and explore their stats tendencies).

Main advantages of Hand2Note

  1. Speed. The program is able to handle 1000-3000 hands per second. 100,000 hands will be imported in just 1 minute. Even with a large database, popups with statistics will be displayed on the tables very quickly. The requirements for your computer are very minimal. Protection against errors.
  2. HUDs. For you will be available smart positional HUD, which is allowed in all rooms. Fast showing and changing HUDs on ZOOM and Fast tables.There is also a dynamic HUD, but alas, it is banned on PokerStars.
  3. Statistics. A very convenient system for creating statistics on opponents, including dividing by groups. Guidance on the stat instantly opens details with hands and showdowns. Convenience when copying transfer of whole blocks.
  4. Notes. Create samples and add them in 2 clicks. In addition, graphic displays of played hands are available. As well as a group of notes, that depends on the situations in the game.

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There will be a dialogue box. Install the program according to the instructions.
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