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Find Differences Between Two Folders Software

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This software offers a solution to users who want to compare two folders to find file differences. Files that exist in one folder location but not in the other will be identified. Files that have the same filename but are newer will also be identified.

WinMerge is an Open Source differencing and merging tool for Windows. WinMerge can compare both folders and files, presenting differences in a visual text format that is easy to understand and handle.


WinMerge is highly useful for determining what has changed between project versions, and then merging changes between versions. WinMerge can be used as an external differencing/merging tool or as a standalone application.

In addition, WinMerge has many helpful supporting features that make comparing, synchronising, and merging as easy and useful as possible:


  • Supports Microsoft Windows XP SP3 or newer
  • Handles Windows, Unix and Mac text file formats
  • Unicode support
  • Tabbed interface

File Compare

  • 3-way File Comparison New!
  • Visual differencing and merging of text files
  • Flexible editor with syntax highlighting, line numbers and word-wrap
  • Highlights differences inside lines
  • Difference pane shows current difference in two vertical panes
  • Location pane shows map of files compared
  • Moved lines detection

Folder Compare

  • Regular Expression based file filters allow excluding and including items
  • Fast compare using file sizes and dates
  • Compares one folder or includes all subfolders
  • Can show folder compare results in a tree-style view
  • 3-way Folder Comparison

Image Compare New!

  • Support many types of images
  • Can highlight the differences with blocks
  • Overlaying of the pictures is possible

Table Compare New!

  • Shows CSV/TSV file contents in table format
  • Text can be wrapped for each column

Version Control

  • Creates patch files (Normal-, Context- and Unified formats)
  • Resolve conflict files


  • Shell Integration (supports 64-bit Windows versions)
  • Archive file support using 7-Zip
  • Plugin support
  • Localizable interface
  • Online manual and installed

If you’re synchronising directories or backing up data, it’s a good idea to double-check that the copy you’ve made is actually identical to the original. It is possible for issues to occur where data doesn’t copy across perfectly, or some data doesn’t copy across at all.


If this sort of copy failure happens to an important document, and you don’t notice, you could end up with data loss. WinMerge is a tool that allows you to compare the contents of two directories. You can see if there are any missing files or if any of the backed-up files are different from the originals. This guide will walk you through installing and using WinMerge to compare the files in two folders.

You can install WinMerge for free from their website here. Just click the green “Download Now!” button in the top right corner to download it from SourceForge. Once the installer is downloaded, double-click it to start the installation wizard.

The first page of the installer is the licence agreement, click “Next” to agree and continue. The second page allows you to configure which features to install. By default, all extensions are enabled and there’s no real reason to turn them off – leave these options as they are. If you want to install an extra language pack, you can select one or more of the many options in the language list at the bottom.

Here is a list of best free folder compare software for Windows. These software are used to check whether two folders are similar or not. Using it you can also verify the differences between source and target folders. These software basically compare contents or files contained by folders. They check various parameters like namesizedatetimefile extension, etc., to figure out the differences between the folders. These folder compare software also provide their own file explorer to find and add folders to them. Before performing the comparison, you can also apply filters (date, new, old, size, name, etc.) to get the desired comparison results.

Almost all of these software provide split interface to make the task of comparing folders and files easy. Feature to compare files is another useful trait which is available in some of these software. Through file comparing feature, you can easily compare text of two documents line by line. All the differences or similarities are marked in various color schemes which really help during text document comparison. Various color schemes are also used to highlight the common or unique content between folders.

Find Differences Between Two Folders Software is a handy program which aims to offer you an efficient method of determining the distinctions between the contents of two directories, enabling you to learn which one has the newest files.

Basic and straight-forward user interface

The main window of the utility is very basic, with hardly any noteworthy features about it, yet it is simple enough that even inexperienced individuals will find it approachable.

Find Differences Between Two Folders Software features two fields where you need to load the directories that you wish to compare, while the lower panel allows you to view the results.

Swiftly load the targeted directories and compare them with a button press

In the ‘Folder 1’ section, you can add the first item, by browsing through your computer and selecting the targeted object. The same action will have to be executed for the ‘Folder 2’ field of the application, as it does not support drag and drop operations.

Next, you can click on ‘Start Comparing’ and Find Differences Between Two Folders Software will display the ‘Newer’ files on the left side, while the ‘Older’ ones are listed on the right. To better analyze them, you can export the result to a TXT or an Excel file, but you can also copy them to the clipboard and paste them into another document or window.

While the utility may be very easy to use, it offers you very little for you to tinker with, so you cannot customize the operation in any way, as it only works with the default configuration. In addition, it only supports two folders at a time, meaning that if you need to use several directories, you will need to process them gradually.

Simplistic contents comparer

To summarize, Find Differences Between Two Folders Software is a useful yet rather restrictive comparison tool, that also comes at a rather hefty price, is supposed to help you identify the distinctions between two objects, offering mainly age-based results.

Find Differences Between Two Folders Software Editor’s review


This software offers a solution to users who want to compare two folders to find file differences. Files that exist in one folder location but not in the other will be identified. Files that have the same filename but are newer will also be identified.

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