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File Formation

File Formation

Developer’s Description

FileFormation is a software that will help you with organizing files into folder structures on your hard drive. It recognizes the TAGs attached to a wide range of image, video and audio formats and the common operating system attributes and properties of any file and can build virtual hierarchy called formation from the values of a selected TAG, attribute or property assigning the files to it accordingly. The formation can be exported meaning the files from which it is created will be copied or moved into automatically created folder hierarchy matching the formation schema. Typical example of applying the software is when you have photos stored in multiple locations multiple times. You can create image formation by the image TAG DateTaken from all folders where your photos are. The images will be organised by the date they were taken so once exported you can easily find them even without using this software. The export can be set to eliminate any duplicate photos if they match by name and content. To keep your photos organized when copying new images from your camera can create the same formation directly from the mounted drive of you’re plugged in camera or from the location you have copied the new images and export the formation in the same way.

People like to store all sort of files on their computers, but it’s always a good idea to organize them in various folders. One application that could help you with just that is File Formation.

It’s a neat software solution that allows you to organize pictures, movies, audio files and other types of files. You can export them using multiple tools.

Sleek and fluent graphical interface

The application installs quickly and it sports a really intuitive and clean graphical interface with multiple tools at hand. It has a toolbar with quick access to multiple sections and you can pick one of the many possible view styles.

It comes with multiple instructions and tips that you could use in order to get accustomed to the application.

Organize your files easily

It comes with a wizard that helps you organize files in a faster way. First, you will need to pick one category of files, choose from images, videos, audio files or others. Next, you need to browser for a folder to organize, find files manually, paste from clipboard or drop items onto the main window.

You can organize files by last access time, creation date, name, length, types, folders or attributes. It also allows you to organize them by camera make, model, exposure time, focal length, orientation, width and more. It allows you to organize videos and audio files by various parameters.

Export files easily

All files are displayed in thumbnails, which makes it easier to preview them. You can also view files by icons, list or even details. You can export files to another folder to a computer or cut and copy them to anywhere on your computer. It comes with multiple filtering options and you can preview images in a slideshow.

All in all, File Formation is a really nice and lightweight software solution for organizing various files on your computer, previewing pictures in a slideshow and exporting them to other folders on your system.

VSDC Free Video Converter is a fast, powerful, feature-rich and easy-to-master multiformat video converter.

Its main purpose is to edit and convert video files from one format into another. All popular video formats are supported, such as DVD, AVI, QuickTime Video (MOV, QT, MP4 and M4V), MPEG, WMV, FLV, Matroska Video (MKV), RealVideo (RM and RMVB), Mobile Video (3GP and 3G2), AMV, HD-video (H.264/AVC, AVCHD/MTS/M2TS, TOD/MOD and TS) and more. Any and all video and audio codecs are supported, including DivX, H.264/AVC, MP3 and AAC.


FileFormation is a software that will help you with organizing files into folder structures on your hard drive.
FileFormation is a software that will help you with organizing files into folder structures on your hard drive.

DROID is a software tool developed by The National Archives to perform automated batch identification of file formats. Developed by our Digital Preservation department as part of its broader digital preservation activities, DROID is designed to meet the fundamental requirement of any digital repository to be able to identify the precise format of all stored digital objects, and to link that identification to a central registry of technical information about that format and its dependencies.

DROID uses internal signatures to identify and report the specific file format and version of digital files. These signatures are stored in an XML signature file, generated from information recorded in the PRONOM technical registry. New and updated signatures are regularly added to PRONOM, and DROID can be configured to automatically download updated signature files.

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How do I download a file?

To download a file, visit the website where it is available. Tap the Download link or Download picture after touching and holding the item you wish to download. Then, open the Downloads app to view every file you've downloaded to your smartphone. Find out more about how to manage downloaded files.

How can I download software for PC?

Find a.exe file and download it.
Double-click the.exe file after finding it. (You may often find it in your Downloads folder.)
There will be a dialogue box. Install the program according to the instructions.
Installing the program is planned.

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