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Editor’s ToolKit

Editor's ToolKit

Developer’s Description

Provides tools for editing in Microsoft Word, including the ability to show and stet revisions at the touch of a key. Quickly transpose words, transpose characters, change case, insert dashes and bullets, mark spec levels, and change text to true title case.

Book Description


The Editor’s Toolkit: A Hands-On Guide to the Craft of Film and TV Editing is a tutorial-based introduction to the craft of editing. Today’s process of media editing is fast and competitive, making this guide a necessity for anyone looking to break into the business. Here, Chris Wadsworth provides 52 media-based examples for you to put together, with the benefit of seeing what he did with those same exercises, giving you essential feedback to improve your technique and learn the tricks of the trade. Accessible and to-the-point, the primer is a must-read for anyone looking to learn both the art and technique of editing.  This 4-color guide features:


    • Examples from the world of film and TV that show how even the greatest directors employ the same techniques in their productions that are mentioned in this guide



    • A look at CV’s and the right attitudes that will give you the best chance at breaking into the editing world



  • Intensive sections about the way music and soun

This version is the first release on CNET

    • A companion website featuring video and other media that you can edit on your own, each featuring examples of cuts and techniques discussed in the book as well as a discussion forum.



Table of Contents


Introduction to Shots; Editing Shots Together; Editing Dialogue; The Long View; Scene Construction; Joining Scenes Together; Working in Different Genres; Sound; Editing Music; Stylized Scenes; Video Manipulation; Editorial Responsibility; Timescales; Projects; The Final Days; Last Bits of Advice; In Conclusion





Chris Wadsworth joined the BBC as a videotape engineer in the Television Recording Department at the Television Centre in London . An editor, he has worked on television programs such as Only Fools and Horses (right from the start), Blackadder (Series 2-4), Absolutely Fabulous (Series 1-3), Bottom, Yes Prime Minister, As Time Goes By, and many more. In recent years, Chris has worked on 5 series of Parkinson for ITV, and 4 series of The Green, Green Grass. He is currently working on a series called Mountain Goats for BBC Scotland.

The freelance editor’s toolkit

by Paul Anderson

Peter Riches explained the main software apps and digital tools he uses to run his business, Red Pony Communications, at the Editors NSW speaker meeting

The content was platform-agnostic, included apps for PC and Mac, and cloud-based tools that run on both. Tools featured were arranged in three project stages.


  • Daylite is a customer-relationship management (CRM) tool (Mac only). It is an opportunities register and contains pipelines of tasks. Peter has refined how he uses it over many years.
  • AnyCount is a specialist word-count application (PC only). It works across a range of file types, including PDF, PowerPoint and Excel.
  • StyleWriter is editing software that identifies improvements to text (PC only). Peter uses it to quantitatively evaluate documents before doing a sample edit. It uses measures such as sentence length to score documents and predict the level of modification required.
  • Peter has built his own ‘quote engine’ in Excel. He uses it as a baseline to quote for proofreading and editing projects. It takes input from AnyCount and StyleWriter, and uses other factors such as number of references, to give an overall estimate of hours.
  • Quotes are prepared using a Word template. Mail is merged from Daylite to populate the quote with client details. It takes about one hour to generate a quote for a standard project.

Project execution

  • PerfectIt runs a series of tests for consistency, such as punctuation of lists. It is usually run at the end as a final check. Now a cloud version can be used on Mac or PC.
  • A tool can be as simple as an unformatted text file with reusable information. TextEdit is the Mac equivalent of Notepad on a PC. It copies
    • Daylite tracks a project and is a checklist to avoid forgetting steps when rushing for a deadline.
    • Confluence is a cloud wiki application used for style sheets, and can be worked on by large project teams and updated in real time.
    • Basecamp, used mainly when working on tenders, is the preferred tool to exchange files because it is easy to do a two-way exchange with clients.


    • Dropbox is a file server. Some clients have filters that block attachments and sometimes a file is too big. A document can be transferred by sending a link rather than an email attachment.
    • Harvest generates an invoice and is used to track actual versus billable time for fixed-cost and jobs charged by the hour. It automatically follows up with reminder emails if an invoice has not been paid. Harvest integrates with Xero, the accounting system.
    • Excel is used to record information for every project and is used for internal purposes only. The metrics help in future quotes, particularly for the same client.
    • Confluence is used to export a style sheet to Word and send it to the client. It is broadly useful in maintaining quality of work.

    Peter concluded with five tips for choosing tools.

    1. Use the least number of tools possible. Every new tool adds another layer of complexity (tools talking to other tools). Daylite is his main tool.
    2. Allow time to evaluate with real data.
    3. You do not have to use every feature. He uses AnyCount for word count only.
    4. Prepare for the possibility that some (specialist) tools will become obsolete.
    5. Sometimes DIY is a better option. His Excel tool is now up to ‘Quote Engine 2.0’.

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