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Disk Spectra

By VZ Systems

Computer File Systems are far more complex than just a persistent storage device for files and folders. Features such as hard & soft links, alternate data streams, and security integrity are very useful to the operating system, advanced applications and user convenience. However, these can often be hard for users to manage and understand using standard tools.Disk Spectra is a tool designed with an intuitive user interface that provides very detailed information about file system contents, and easy to use tools for managing advanced file system features. The application displays and manages file & folder details such as volume layout, precise space usage, hard & soft links, object IDs, quotas, fragmentation, data streams, security settings including integrity, and free space contents.

Users can defragment individual files & folders, clear (erase) data from free space, create & delete links and data streams, extract data from alternate data streams, set security integrity, determine where disk space is really being used, and easily identify differences between actual space used and file sizes or quota amounts.

A command line tool is also provided for running lengthy or off-hour operations using the task scheduler.


There is much information that Windows does not show you. Standard tools display strictly what you need to navigate through your files, make a series of settings or perform other actions. When using the features that Windows provides, we see everything as large, shiny icons and rounded numbers which are easy to understand. If you want a clear picture on what is happening on your hard drive or if you want more control over certain Windows features, you should try Disk Spectra. It offers a great range of information and it gives you access to certain features that most users are not aware of.

The software’s setup file is only 101 Kb large. Despite its small size, installing Disk Spectra may take longer than expected, because the components will be downloaded from the Internet and it will take about a minute to prepare the installation process. The good news is that you will not have to go through difficult configurations. When the preparations are complete, a standard wizard will guide you through a few basic steps.

Disk Spectra lets you navigate through your files and folders just like Windows Explorer. Folders are displayed in a tree structure, on the left part of the interface and their contents are shown separately, on the right. When you select a file or folder, the software will display a large amount of information, regarding that item, on the lower part of the window. Besides its displayed and real size, you will find the item’s size ratio, security ID, file table records, its cluster count and much more. You can also find a few options for editing the object’s ID, setting up hard or soft links with other files and folders or adding new data streams.

Partitions are selected on the top portions of the interface, where Disk Spectra displays additional information about your drives, including sector and cluster size, total and free clusters and more. When a partition is selected, the software will scan its volume clusters and display what types of files are using your disk space and how, on a color coded bar. A series of options, located on the program’s toolbar, allow you to display the size values, as well as the cluster count and cluster values in hexadecimal. It is also possible to find items, using an index/ratio filter. You can find fragment indexes, alternate data streams, hard links and size ratios, with a value of your choosing.

The software lets you switch from the file manager to a free space manager for your volumes. You may click a series of buttons to display your free space data in single, two, four or eight bytes, in ASCII text characters and in many other modes. It is also possible to search for text, numbers or non-zeroed clusters and clear data in individual or all free space clusters.

You can find much more information about your disk space and certain Windows features. The software places numerous features at your disposal, for managing data streams, editing security settings on files and folders and much more.

You need some advanced knowledge to use the program’s capabilities. The software also takes a bit long to install.

Disk Spectra provides you with more information that any standard Windows application. It displays numerous details and it gives you access to certain features that only sophisticated applications can use.

You can download Disk Spectra free here.

Discover What’s Hidden On Your File System

Disk Spectra Basic is a handy and reliable application designed to enable you to view system information and utilize features that are not available using standard tools.

Disk Spectra Basic is a file system utility that allows users to view exactly how their file system is laid out and being used, view detail content information for files and folders, defragment individual files and folders, discover where volume usage is high and where sizes and quotas are not in sync with actual space used. In addition, the free space on volumes can be viewed, searched, and cleared.

Note: Disk Spectra Basic has limited features. To extend its functionality, you can try Disk Spectra Pro, Disk Spectra Premium or Disk Spectra Ultimate.

System requirements

  • Intel Pentium compatible processor (2GHz single logical processor or 1.5GHz multi-logical processors).
  • All current service packs and patches applied.
  • Administrator account or an account in the Administrators group.

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