• Database .NET Professional is a versatile database management utility with support for a variety of database types, aiming to accommodate the requirements and needs of different users. To be more specific, the application is compatible with MySQL, SQL Server, Firebird, SQLite, PostgreSQL, Oracle, Sybase, Access, Excel, dBase, SQL Azure, SQLCE, DB2, Informix, and the list does not end here.

    Although it provides a much more easy way to handle database entries and browse database contents, Database .NET Professional comes with advanced connection properties that enable you to configure anything from authentication details to security settings.

    Moreover, it features filtering options to help you exclude certain tables, views, procedures, or functions, as well as support for script execution to automate certain tasks.

    Once connected, Database .NET Professional displays all the tables in tree view, making data browsing much easier. You can view and edit tables, explore views, procedures, and functions altogether, perform local searches, generate diagrams, import new data into a table, or export existing entries to various file formats (CSV, TSV, PSV, SSV, SQL, XSL(X), XML, JSON, HTM).

    The integrated tab-based editor features syntax highlighting and line numbering, autocomplete, automatic formatting and snippet insertion options, as well as a built-in query builder, making it easier for you to write and execute database queries.

    The Professional edition of Database .NET is not designed exclusively for managing and editing database, as it also comes with powerful data migration capabilities. It can migrate between all the supported databases, establishing connections and transferring table contents without risking data loss. Furthermore, it comes with filtering options to help you choose the data to migrate, renaming capabilities, and more.

    With its built-in query editor and database browser, editing tools and data migration options, Database .NET Professional is a real asset in the toolbox of anyone who has to deal with multiple databases and large data sets.

    Also, it combines powerful features with a user-friendly approach as far as the interface is concerned, making database management more approachable.