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CR Data Source

CR Data Source

Developer’s Description

This tool is a huge time saver when you want to change the connection to your crystal reports. It is useful when: – database was moved to a new server; – database name was changed; – database type was changed; – connection info was corrupted and takes too much time to open the report; – you want to switch from ODBC to OLE DB connection and vice versa. The tool can process all reports in a folder.
Welcome to Crystal Reports 8.5, the world standard in high-performance reporting. Deliver rich, interactive content from virtually any data source with Crystal Reports. With Developer and Professional Editions, and the addition of powerful design and formatting capabilities with interactive analysis tools, you can create reports that meet your exact needs. Rapidly deploy your reporting solution to the Web with our powerful new web-publishing system for easy information sharing. Crystal Reports makes it easy to deliver information in the ways you need—from the PC to the enterprise and to the Web—in a variety of different formats, including XML.

This tool is a huge time saver when you need to mass change Crystal reports connections. You can change database conections for few hundred reports in about a hour*. The tool can change the datasources for all reports in a folder and supports multiple connections per report. Please test it before to purchase and make sure the tool works fine with your reports.

Crystal reports may origin from different versions and may have different upgrade paths. Reports initially developed in Crystal reports 8 and later upgraded to Crystal reports 2016 may have different structure than reports created directly in Crystal 2016. R-Tag provides different options for connection update. You can choose to completely rebuild the connection from scratch or to refresh it and update the connection attributes like server,database, user and password.

Crystal Report 8.5 is a wonderful application for creating and managing reports for Windows. Crystal Report 8.5 Free Download is more than a report writing tool, it is also a report management application that simplifies the management of Crystal Reports and Crystal database. It also has Crystal Xcelsius integration which makes it easier to work with Microsoft PowerPoint, Word and Excel files. It provides several features that make report writing and editing more efficient and convenient.

Crystal Report 8.5 allows you to run the same report in multiple formats at once, thus increasing productivity as well as simplifying compilation of reports for different needs of users. The Crystal IRM security feature is another feature to aid in creation and implementation of secured reports containing sensitive or confidential information about organizations’ or individuals’ financial activities, organizational structures and so on. It also comes with Crystal Reports Builder that enables you to design reports using drag-and-drop interface without having knowledge about coding languages.

Complete Overview of Crystal Report 8.5 Free:

This article has been created in order to explain Crystal Report 8.5 so anybody can understand how it works and what its advantages are over similar products available on the market today. This article aims to inform readers about Crystal Reporting and all of its useful features that make Crystal Report such an outstanding product among other reports generation tools.


Crystal Reports has been at the forefront of generating reports since 1983, and with Microsoft’s recent purchase it is a leader in the business intelligence field. It is easy to use for VB programmers, because it is packaged within MS Visual Studio. Crystal Crystal Report 8.5 is a multidimensional reporting tool, with Crystal reports being the most popular report writer application.

Crystal Reports has been on the market for over 20 years and it was introduced in 2006 as an add-on to Crystal reports 9 which was certified compatible with Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 . Crystal Report 8.5 has taken its place as one of the leading report writing tools available today. Crystal Report allows you to create charts, maps, pivot tables and even graphs right inside your own reports by using drag and drop features of Crystal Reports Editor Plus (CRE+). The ability to make changes directly in your database can be saved time and more efficient than exporting all the changes from some other report writing application then importing it.

Leader Among the Report Generators:

It is a leader among the report generator applications because it offers various benefits that are not available with other similar applications in the market today. Crystal Crystal Report 8.5 has segmented its client base into three sectors: Small to mid-sized businesses, Fortune 1000 companies and Governmental entities. Crystal Crystal Report 8.5 has proven to be a valuable asset to all these companies because of the time saving features that Crystal Crystal Report 8.5 offers when compared to using other report generation tools on the market today such as Microsoft Excel or Access Reports (MS Access Reports).

Benefits of Using Crystal Crystal Report 8.5 over Similar Applications: There are several reasons why organizations large and small prefer over other similar applications in the market today it has several features that are not available with other competitive products offers better generation of reports using charts, tables, graphs and more this is a tool that can be used without any special programming Crystal Crystal Report 8.5 comes packaged with 3 powerful tools: Crystal Reports (visual studio extension) Crystal Reports Builder Crystal Reports Professional (Informatica export)

Crystal Reporting Tools are packaged in three packages for different uses; which include: The standard package called Core An Enterprise Edition which includes all the above-mentioned resources as well as additional features such as prebuilt templates The Publisher edition contains everything from the previous two editions plus a few extras such as Crystal Reprint, Crystal Report Designer and Crystal Scheduler.

The tool is useful when:
  • database was moved to a new server
  • a database server was retired and a new database server was added to the network
  • database name was changed
  • database type was changed ( for example Access database was upgraded to SQLServer)
  • crystal report’s connection info was corrupted and takes too much time to open the report
  • you want to switch from ODBC to OLE DB connection or vice versa
  • you want to verify database for multiple reports

Overview of SAP Crystal Reports 2016 Benefits

Crystal Reports is designed to produce the report you want from virtually any data source. Built-in report experts guide you step by step through building reports and completing common reporting tasks. Formulas, cross-tabs, subreports, and conditional formatting help make sense of data and uncover important relationships that might otherwise hide. Geographic maps and graphs communicate information visually when words and numbers are not enough.

The flexibility of Crystal Reports doesn’t end with creating reports — your reports can be published in various formats, including Microsoft Word and Excel, E-mail, and even over the Web. Advanced Web reporting lets other members of your workgroup view and update shared reports inside their web browser.

Application and web developers can save time and meet their user’s needs by integrating the report processing power of Crystal Reports into their database applications. Support for most popular development languages makes it easy to add reporting to any application.

Whether it’s the webmaster in IT, the promotion manager in marketing, the database administrator in finance, or the CEO, Crystal Reports is a powerful tool designed to help everyone analyze and interpret important information.

Overview of SAP Crystal Reports 2016 Features

  • Cloud or on-premise deployment
  • Powerful reporting tools that deliver insights in various formats
  • Broad connectivity with diverse data sources
  • Access to actionable information online or offline
  • Deliver pixel-perfect reports
  • Support scalable, efficient content delivery
  • Generate multilingual reports
  • Simplify and accelerate your digital transformation
  • Transform your business with unparalleled service support

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