• Bedbuddy is an interesting and user-friendly piece of software which aims to offer you a method of getting ready for bed by allowing you to gradually dim the luminosity of your PC screen, reducing the amount of artificial light so your body can prepare for sleep.

    The application features a fairly straightforward and intuitive appearance, its usage proving quite simple, even for computer novices, as its functions are quite self-explanatory.

    The main window of Bedbuddy displays the sunrise and sunset times, according to the current date on your system, while also offering you three functioning modes to choose from.

    Scientific research has proven that exposing yourself to artificial light, particularly in the evening, when your body should be getting ready for rest, risks messing up your sleep pattern, which can even lead to insomnia.

    Bedbuddy aims to reduce the effects of working until the late hours of the night on your PC by gradually dimming your monitor brightness level, following the sun’s natural course.

    The program is able to work in ‘Light’, ‘Normal’ or ‘Heavy’ mode, each one informing you of the percentage of luminosity decrease, from zero to 50%, from zero to 100% or from 50% to 100%, depending on your preference.

    Moreover, to make sure your computer will not be left turned on after you fall asleep, Bedbuddy allows you to schedule a shutdown time for it by entering the number of hours and minutes remaining until it should power off.

    In conclusion, Bedbuddy is a useful and effective utility that you can resort to if you find yourself having trouble falling asleep in the evening, after having spent some time on the PC, working, browsing the web or watching movies.