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Atom PDF Watermark

Atom PDF Watermark

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By Atom PDF Software
Have you realized that the important PDF files that you work day and night are copying without permission? Someone probably will steal them as their own works or make malicious revision, and even you might never know it, so adding watermarks to your PDF document will be of a great help in copyright in case of illegal copying and downloading. Also, you will be in confusion in the face of so many unnamed files without authorized use on the website. And the watermark is like a person’s identity card that tells you the source and the ownership information, which can play an important role on ensuring the original workers’ legal rights. Undoubtedly, the presence of a utility that is capable of fulfilling the crucial task is imperative when it comes to adding watermark to PDF document. Atom PDF Watermark is an easy-to-use and powerful program that can effectively protect your PDF documents from involving the copyright invasion dispute. With the powerful utility, you can batch create, edit and add text, dynamic date time, image, shape and PDF file watermark to the PDF documents. Atom PDF Watermark works as a stand-alone utility, and does not require any additional software. It’s not necessary to have Adobe Reader or Acrobat installed on your local computer to perform watermarks. The notable feature of the software is WYSIWYG (What you see is what you get), which allows you to edit directly the text, graphics, or other elements and the watermarks has the same style between the one in the view edition and the final one. Besides, you can add more than one watermarks to the specified range or position in the pages of a PDF document. Meanwhile, the program has provided simple operation and user friendly interface, so adding watermark process can be very easy and fast. Just a few mouse clicks, your desired watermark can be added to the PDF files effortlessly. Atom PDF Watermark supports all versions of PDF documents: PDF 1.0, PDF1.1, PDF1.2, PDF1.3, PDF1.4, PDF1.5, PDF1.6, PDF1.7, PDF2.0, PDF/A, PDF/X and the latest version. It also supports all of PDF elements. Convenient and simple to operate with very user friendly interface. Support text, dynamic datetime, image, PDF, shape watermark. Support image watermark with many image formats including TIFF, JPEG, GIF, BMP, PNG, ICO, WMF, and EMF, etc. Support to add more than one watermark to PDF document quickly and easily

Watermarking helps in ensuring originality, ownership and copyrights of a digital image. This paper aims at embedding a Watermark in an image using Wave Atom Transform. Preference of Wave Atoms on other transformations has been due to its sparser expansion, adaptability to the direction of local pattern, and sharp frequency localization. In this scheme, we had tried to spread the watermark in an image so that the information at one place is very small and undetectable. In order to extract the watermark and verify ownership of an image, one would have the advantage of prior knowledge of embedded locations. A noise of high amplitude will be needed to be added to the image for watermark distortion. Furthermore, the information spread will ensure the robustness of the watermark data. The proposed scheme has the ability to withstand malicious operations and attacks.


A digital watermark is generally understood as a kind of marker embedded in a digital object (such as an image, text, video, or audio file), typically used to indicate ownership and/or to prevent unauthorized use. For images, the watermark is often a text layer or image identifying the owner of the digital object.

AtoM supports basic digital watermarking functionality for images and text files such as PDFs, since the preview image (aka the reference display copy) for a text file is a JPG image. The watermark does not alter or affect the master digital object. Similarly, thumbnail images, used in search and browse results, are also unaffected. Only the reference display copy, used on the view page of an archival description, will show the watermark.

AtoM’s default behavior is to composite (a.k.a. “tile”) new reference images with the watermark file. For best results, we recommend using a format for your watermark that supports alpha compositing, such as a PNG image file. The watermark will work best if the background is transparent or white – AtoM will render images used as a watermark transparent, so they need not be transparent to begin with.

Document Watermark Processing Features

  • Add text and image watermark to supported document formats.
  • Search and remove text and image watermarks.
  • Search watermarks in particular objects.
  • Apply a watermark to images inside a document.
  • Work with existing watermark objects.
  • Extract information of watermark objects in a document.
  • Perform PDF document rasterization.
  • Fetch document basic information.
  • Search watermarks by text formatting (font, color, etc.).
  • Set background image for charts in Excel and PowerPoint documents.
  • Work with PDF and email attachments.

Read & Write Watermark Formats


Digital image watermarking is a data hiding technology, mainly utilized to protect intellectual ownership rights, can be utilized in exciting mobile applications for instantaneous watermark extraction. In this paper, we report the feasibility of wave atom transform (WAT) based blind digital watermarking for watermark detection under print-cam process. We investigate the robustness of WAT domain watermarking, based on sub-blocks mean energies comparison strategy, to read a watermark embedded in a printed image using a mobile phone camera. Watermark robust to printcam process can allow instant copyright verification using a portable device and offer other interesting applications like accessing online resources, linking to personal homepage or instigating a service. We conduct experimental analysis to evaluate WAT based digital watermarking scheme’s performance to extract the embedded watermark from a printed domain image using a mobile phone camera. The experimental results show decent resistance of the scheme against print-cam process distortions

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