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Add Effects To Multiple Images Software

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This software offers a solution to users who want to add visual effects to several images. The user chooses the files or an entire folder to be processed. Some of the effects that can be applied are noise, pixelize, black and white, gray scale, colorize, fog and more. Using this time saving software, even large numbers of files can be handled with one click.

This program lets you add visual effects to several images. It lets you choose the files or an entire folder for procssing. It provides various effects, such as noise, pixelize, black and white, gray scale, colorize, and fog. You can also flip and mirror images, add 3D grid, and apply 3D effects.

Fotor is the best free photo editor for windows 10. Powerful photo editor tools can help you to process pictures quickly. There are 100+ different photo effects. The solar effects can add different types of sun halos to your photos. The vintage effects can make your photos look vintage style.

Whether you are a professional photographer or an ordinary user, there are parameter adjustment tools to meet your requirements. Download Fotor photo editor for windows 10, and more features are waiting for you to discover.

Photo! Editor is a useful multifunctional program, providing you with a wide range of image editing tools. This photo editor download comes with a wide range of features, which can complement every digital camera owner’s skills and interests. Each tool offers a professional approach combined with ultimate convenience to view, edit, and optimize photos. While using this image editing tool, you can enhance color, remove red eye, add lighting effects, crop, and create funny caricatures. There’s even a ‘Makeup’ tool, allowing you to enhance and touch-up portrait photos.

Easy editing and optimization options!

Photo! Editor, formerly called Photo Toolkit, is a simple yet useful free photo editing software. The best part is that the program integrates with Windows viewer, ensuring you don’t need to install any third-party utilities tool. Once you launch the program, the screen instantly displays the photo wizard, which lets you import an image to start working on color correction, sharpening, red-eye removal, and other such tasks.

Apart from the photo wizard included in the program, you can also access the primary interface, which allows you to perform retouching tasks in real time. Photo! Editor is a good choice for people who need a basic image editing suite. It comes with a small set of tools adequate for making enhancements to images clicked from digital cameras.

Multiple effects and filters

As part of the database, Photo! Editor contains approximately 100 filters and effects to be applied to images. While editing, you can use several filters/effects simultaneously on a single image. There’s also a preview window, which allows you to check edits before completing the process. While Photo! Editor supports a wide range of Photoshop-compatible filters, it doesn’t work with multiple files at once. Each image needs to be edited individually.

Plenty of editing tools

Like InPixio, Picasa, and Photo Lab, this photo editing app download comes with a wide range of editing tools. While using this program, you have access to several drawing tools, such as paintbrush, eraser, and pencil. You can also choose from multiple selection tools, including freeform, rectangular, and lasso. Overall, Photo! Editor’s tools and features are sufficient for anyone looking to edit images on a desktop or laptop.

Quick color management and correction

While most image and video editors include effects, filters, and editing tools, Photo! Editor goes beyond the basics with automatic color correction. Additionally, a single mouse click lets you swap foreground and background colors instantly. Moreover, you can use the gamma correction tool to refine images.

Apart from the features mentioned above, this photo editor free download lets you perform a wide range of actions related to image modification. For instance, with the tools in this program, you can rotate, resize, crop, and do a lot more with images of different formats and sizes.

Additionally, you can use and import several plugins, use the quick-access undo function, export images as GIF animations, scan documents and save output files in BMP, JPG, TGA, PNG, PCX, or TIFF format.

While most image and video editing tools take a good amount of system resources, Photo! Editor is a lightweight program that doesn’t take a toll on your laptop. In fact, the program comes with a comprehensive sidebar tutorial, which includes snapshots for easy understanding of all features.

While using the program, you won’t be troubled by frequent system crashes or lags. Since the response time is good, you can edit several images quickly, easily, and conveniently. Having said that, the interface is an area where Photo! Editor falls flat. Although the interface is simple and clean, it looks outdated as compared to other popular multimedia tools for Windows.

Where can you run Photo! Editor?

Photo! Editor download is licensed as a freeware program for Windows. It runs on both 32-bit and 64-bit operating systems. If you’re looking for a graphic editor for your laptop or desktop, this will be a great choice. Photo! Editor runs smoothly on Windows 7, 8, and 10. If you’re looking for a photo editor app download for mobile, the program is also available for Android.

Lightweight, easy-to-use, and simple!

While the tools included in this photo editor are basic, they’re useful for quick and easy editing, enhancement, and optimization of images. Photo! Editor works well for basic retouching tasks, such as removing red eye, optimizing colors, clearing spots on skin, removing wrinkles, and fixing slight imperfections. Apart from editing tools, this program includes cropping/resampling utility, lighting effects, multiple filters, and a caricature tool. Overall, this photo editor app download is a great choice for anyone interested in quick and easy image editing.

Author’s review


  • Quickly fixes imperfections

  • Includes lighting and morphing effects

  • Helpful sidebar tutorial

  • Easy access to multiple tools


  • Outdated interface

  • Lacks advanced editing options

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